TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver Review | Rick Shiels PGA

Testing the latest 2013 TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver with Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre using Flightscope data.

Also clips of the new TaylorMade R1 Driver are included
See which is longest here
Watch the TaylorMade R1 review here
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20 thoughts on “TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver Review | Rick Shiels PGA

  1. ahh new comment. great review. picking mine up tomorrow. glad i waited. now $199.99. the only thing id like to have known is which ball brand on each shot. good avg though. i like nxt myself….for the money. proVs just barely over my budget.

  2. just got this driver, one thing i did notice is that its not very forgiving if you dont hit the sweet spot, BUT when you do it absolutely crushes the ball!

  3. RBZ Stage 2 was identical in distance to the new Jetspeed in an independent test using 5 of the latest TM drivers. It's the best deal on the market right now and more accurate than the SLDR. 

  4. i just got this club, i hit it 20-30 yards farther on the first drive.  crushing it off the tee 280-290 all day long, dead straight.  previously had the TM burner, very unpredictable, slices and hooks.  stage 2 RBZ is much better!

  5. Hey Rick. Could you please do another post on the rbz stage 2. I watched your last post on rbz stage 2 and noticed your club speed was around 104. And your recent video with the r15 is around 114. The rbz longest in your vid was 297 I think and around 310+ with the r15. I'm just wondering if that loss of 10mph club head speed would actually result in the rbz still being longer. I am only asking as I'm thinking about getting the r15 I currently hit rbz stage 2 around 330 meters and i donr wanna waste my money for an extra 10 meters. Cheers.

  6. Got this golf club about a week ago. I'm about a 14 handicap. Already in love. Hitting consistently 290+ with it including a couple bombs that have gone 320. Tons of forgiveness and very good.

  7. Just added this club into my bag (3wood) and added the r1 (driver)
    I was just wondering, in the past I had a ladies flex in my driver because I'm still a junior.
    Yet when I changed there has been a huge (30-40) with each club.
    I'm aware that taylormade say it goes 17 yards further so is that extra yardage from the head or the shaft?

  8. I know it's been some time, but I bought this club(used) and am amazed at the feeling of this club. The sound, the forgiveness, the feel and the distance are something. Thanks Rick for your reviews: though we don't have your talent, it REALLY helps!

  9. fairly new to the game, uncle gave me his old set which included this beauty. Cant complain…practice practice practice!

  10. I bought this club new. Barely hit it and didn’t play golf again until this past summer 2019. I love it. 💣

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