Strike The Golf Ball Like A Tour Pro

Piers Ward PGA Professional gives a tip on how to find out where you are hitting the golf ball on the club face.
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2 thoughts on “Strike The Golf Ball Like A Tour Pro

  1. The ideal place to strike the ball would be between the 2nd and 4th groove on the club face. It will vary slightly with different clubs but that is a good guide. Where the ink marks the face will tell you a lot about your angle in to the ball! Let us know how you get on.

  2. How do you keep from hitting it on the toe specifically.  Nothing is more frustrating than a toe strike.  Any drills to do to at least miss more on the heel?  It is toe or flush for me.  My strike marks on my most used irons seem to always form more on the toe.  It feels terrible and it causes irons to lose resale value.

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