Strapped (Tallahassee): Part 3, “Coach Rice”

The finale of our time in Tallahassee is spent at Hilaman GC, the muni where Kamaiu Johnson learned to play the game. For this episode, we’re joined by FAMU men’s golf coach Mike Rice.

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23 thoughts on “Strapped (Tallahassee): Part 3, “Coach Rice”

  1. Strapped North East Oregon. bring it fellas. Big River, Birch Creek. Horn Rapids 30 mins away up in Washington. I’ll pay for all the Twilight rounds. Haha this summer

  2. Gotta love it. You can tell Ms. Auger is truly a wonderful person and Kamaiu is living proof of how hard work and simply getting a chance in life can lead you to places you would have never dreamed possible. Great stuff Boys.

  3. The quality of these videos are always the best I have ever seen on YouTube. Also the content is so good I have now teared up a couple times on your guys content. (Harris park) Just always love the vibes and Icarito talking in all sports cliques is my favorite

  4. Yes guys. Yes. Yes. Yes. Thanks for continuously walking new people, stories, and fresh perspectives into our lives.

    On an opposite note, I'm constantly amazed at the Groundhog Day way my boys blow a budget. No guys. No. No. No. 😉

  5. New decree: screenshot of Neils face when he thought the mega bonus was gonna get the kibosh needs to be posted whenever Spieth blows a lead

  6. Watching the latest episode of Strapped is hands down becoming the best half hour of my week… Beautifully shot and edited, props DJ…

  7. Easily the best golf content on YouTube. I hope you guys get over to England for some action this year . I live close to Royal St georges be happy to show u round

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