Strapped (Peoria): Part 3, “Just in Case”

We wrap up Strapped: Peoria at the incredibly proper Lick Creek GC, a “ballbuster” golf course up the road in Pekin, Illinois. Thanks so much to everyone who made the week possible!

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42 thoughts on “Strapped (Peoria): Part 3, “Just in Case”

  1. Strapped needs to come to Harrisburg, PA, South Jersey and I think someone else said it already, Michigan. Would love to see the boys launch em in those areas.

  2. Strapped boys in Michigan for sure. Also I would of thought Neil shot in the mid 90s in round two. Shocked when they said he shot 79. must have shown every bad shot he hit and none of the good ones. Awesome stuff as always!

  3. Every week there are comments saying how the episode deserves more views and it's always true, strapped is pure content and always makes me thankful for my own buds in and outside of golf.

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