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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre helps Anthony a 6 handicapper improve his golf shots by fixing his iron hooked golf shots. Understanding your swing and ball flights will help you play better golf and reduce your handicap and score.


  1. I also hook my irons, I aim straight and feel like I am swinging straight down the line but my instructor says Im swinging the club around my body and has tried to get me to do half swings but point the shaft directly up to the sky and swing more down the line, its just a continuous struggle maybe my coach has some strange ideas!

  2. I've recently had a lesson with my Pro after having the same dilemma and he's got me doing exactly what you've done in this video.
    Great minds ….!!
    Another great video Rick..👍

  3. Good lesson. You need to work with him on his lag… I noticed on the second camera angle that he has no angle between the club and forearms when his hands are at about belt level… He should still have basically a right angle at that point, but the club is being cast early, and his power is spent. get some lag into his swing and he will probably gain 10 yrs per club and help take that hook away too….

  4. Lol…this idiot with this original swing is claiming to be a 6 handicapper ? Sure, must've been playing junior golf for 9 olds yardage.

  5. Excellent. Great phrase: 'Your golf swing will often lie to you.' I have seen this with my swing in the driving range but always reverted to type on the course. I guess you've got to have faith. The phrase I use is that what you need to do to hit the ball well often feels counterintuitive to what you think will work.

  6. Please tell me that the driver shots are different. There's no way I can use this swing for my driver. I have the same first swing he had for my driver and it works well.

  7. Damn. This is me with my driver. I'm aware of my right foot being back. I'll give the over the top downswing a go this season 2020 👍🏼

  8. I have exactly the same swing problem, and the same handicap. Will try this new technique down the range tomorrow. Thanks Rick, great vid again.

  9. Rick! How about an update video of this. Would love to see you walk through the motions on the fix. Still struggling with this on my end. Now I overthink and tend to constantly make changes throughout my round to try and fix my swing.

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