Stop The Fat Golf Shots

Stop Hitting Fat Golf Shots
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach from Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester, UK helps you to stop fatting the golf ball with a very simple drill. Hitting the floor behind the golf ball can be one of the worst shots in golf. Fixing this and making sure we strike the golf ball then the floor after is very important. This tip will help lower your golf scores and help you hit the golf ball better.

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11 thoughts on “Stop The Fat Golf Shots

  1. No doubt it's a great drill, but the golfers who need this most to stop the fat shots will have a real hard time trying to actually do this simply because their first move down is with their upper body (shoulders & arms) so their downswing has started still with their weight on the right which makes contact, ball first, then the 'big ball' after pretty much impossible. Got to get that downswing started from the ground up, from lead foot, leg, hip even more important if you move the ball nearer the target in your set-up.

  2. Rick

    Share with us some exercise to low the anxiety before the make a swing… Especially with the driver…and big largers clubs..

  3. Tried this today and it worked a treat, felt much more like i was hitting through the ball as well rather than trying to hit it upwards and found i was hitting more distance than usual.

  4. Hi Rick. Nice drill, but I have 1 question regarding your swing. I notice your head drops down a good few inches from address to the point of contact with the ball. Wouldn't this change your spine angle considerably – causing other body parts (most likely your hands) to compensate in order to square your club face? I look forward to your reply

  5. Severely misplacing the ball doesn't seem like a good idea. Wouldn't it be confusing to drill on something so far fro normal?

  6. How things change Rick, I'm sure I've watched a newer video than this on fat shots. You've come so far from this video, truly deserve what you and Pete have achieved

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