PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of meandmygolf explain how to square the golf club face in the golf swing


  1. Thanks, this will help with my 3wd. I'm having trouble with hooking off the fairway. Strange that I don't have this problem with my driver.

  2. thanks for the tip…I like the club at the toe as a guide for the first check point.  Sometimes I swing too far back and i'm not parallel to my target.  Love watching your videos for all your tips!  aliza

  3. Love this tip! Been hitting my shots too low and my club face was not properly aligned. The big reason for this was my grip was right hand dominated. With a more balanced grip it's corrected the problem. Also, through video on my iPhone I was able to witness my sky high club face for the second check point position. Looking forward to making this change at the range!

  4. Thanks for the tip guys, I hit straight shots but they either go left of my target or right of my target. I feel I set up the same way each time. If you would like to see my swing I could send it to you. For starters what do you think it could be?

  5. guys, i keep getting stuck in the downswing with my driver, how can I get a smoother transition because my driver is useless to me? thanks

  6. Hi guys I'm a junior golfer. And have only played a couple of games. I am struggling on hitting strait and not topping the ball. Thanks guys you have helped my golf a lot

  7. I don't agree at all. To the questioner- you hook and hit low because your swing path is out to in, with a slightly closed face. I will bet a tenner on it. As such, it is fundamental and does not depend on a couple of positions on the backswing (see Jim Furyk). To change to in to out, you need to involve forearm rotation open at the top, then revolve the forearms back on the way down (which is also the secret of genuine lag). You will also need to drive the lower body to start the downswing keeping the head horizontally still.

  8. Thanks guys. All of your videos are always a huge help and very thorough. You have def helped my swing just in the past couple weeks. Glad I discovered your vids. All the way from New Jersey.

  9. You just answered my question I just commented on another one of your videos lol I like mine a little closed

  10. Thank you guys!! I have had so much trouble with my tee shot for the past 5 years, I tried these tips and it made an immediate impact!! I am heading out for a week of golfing with confidence now. Thanks again

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