Sneak Peak- 2016 Junior Worlds

Tournament details;
2016 IMG Academy Junior World Championships
Age group: 13-14 years
Karl’s age: 14
Length: 6544
Par : 71
Leaderboard link:

Karl’s details at time of this video;
Age: 14 years
Height: 5′ 9″
Handicap: Plus 2.7
Karl’s website is
Karl’s Facebook Athlete page is
Karl’s Twitter is
Karl’s Instagram is KoalaKarl2001
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23 thoughts on “Sneak Peak- 2016 Junior Worlds

  1. Just a question, do you think Karl would think about changing his driver to the M2 ? Last year he had the Aeroburner which is more similar to the M2 and this year he has the M1 which is more similar to the R15. Love the videos by the way.

  2. Why the black glove? Is it sweat resistant or something? I think that is a great idea if that is what the plan was.

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