Should You Take Divots With Your Irons?

An explanation why you should take divots when hitting the golf ball with your irons by Meandmygolf PGA professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman

23 thoughts on “Should You Take Divots With Your Irons?

  1. Does this count for longer irons and hybrids though? I don't usually take divots with my 5iron but I do with my 19degree hybrid. 

  2. But how to not take a divot for example when you want to use the bounce on the sandwedge, that I have a big problem with

  3. Hi guys

    Found your videos after the mark crossfield challenge and I think that they are brilliant . I'm 15 and a 6 handicap . I only get to play at the weekends because of school and the early evenings , and the nearest indoor range is an hour away so it's not very practical . I really hope to progress my game this winter but at the moment it seems that on Saturday I'm hitting it poorly and then just seem to be hitting it ok on the Sunday but then I'm back to square 1 the following Saturday . My garden isn't big enigh for me to swing a club confidently so what would you think can I do at home to keep my swing in shape and to keep my rhythm and tempo ? is there a way I could start playing better on the Saturdays ?

    All advice appreciated

  4. Thanks very much , I have a few exercises for the golf Christmas tree and am trying to create more range in shoulder rotation . Do you have a drill or exercise to try and create a wider and longer
    swing ?

    Thanks again

  5. Great channel.  You address a lot of issues that are common to every level of play.  My question on this video is this:

    In the final swing/strike of this video, the divot appears to be slightly left of the target line.  Does the direction, angle, and shape of the divot really matter that much?  I've heard very good and thorough YES/NO explanations.  What is your take?  As a right handed golfer, I find that when I strike the ball purer, my divot is either slightly left or significantly left of the target line.  This is for my medium and short irons.  

  6. My experience as an average amateur player is that taking divots really helps with avoiding mistakes like fat and topped shots, but cannot improve distance and distance control, which remain as difficult (or even worse) than when sweeping shots without forming clear divots.
    After all it may be a question of physics (the centripetal force is maximum at the bottom of the arc but not before that) and a question of the ball sometimes getting entangled, smothered and slowed by being hit too vertical..
    So when I take a shot with a 7- or an 8-iron, sincerely I don't know what to prefer between trying to create a divot or sweep the ball as I normally do with fairway woods.

  7. I actually take small divots more flush then anything. So exactly how big or small should they be?

  8. I hit the ball solid and proper distance but I hit the bottom part of the ball and I can tell by the club face and ball mark on the club face. I cannot take a divot I think the bottom of the club is low enough on the ball yo make it fly. Not accurate. Not sure what to do.

  9. How do you get the club face down far enough that you take a divot and not dig into the ground. Please explain. Thank you

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