Seeking Alternative Sports Betting? Learn How to Bet on Golf

Sports betting accommodates all sports, not just soccer. Learning how to bet on golf may open doors for more generous payouts than you think.

How does Golf Betting Compare to Other Sports

Gambling is a sport, for lack of a better word, that has youngsters and oldies alike scrambling to make a quick buck. Funnily enough, those who are broke considerably more than those who have money. That being the case, it saddens us when people don’t make time to upgrade their knowledge base, prior to extending a considerable sum of money to people you never met. Gambling takes a certain amount of luck, golf betting not being exempt. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what one needs to know regarding placing a bet on golf.


This should be of highest priority when placing a lot of money in the hands of luck. Finding out who is doing what in the golfing world with help a great deal in ensuring that you’re not throwing caution to the wind, or your money to be exact. For instance, a few years ago, Tiger Woods was at the top of his game when a persona scandal broke out. This brought a lot of heat to the game, and his performance. Imagine the kind of money punters would have made if everyone thought he’d fall off the map simply because of that. Knowing the goings-on of players is of utmost importance, probably more so than understanding odds. Which brings to the next point.

 Tiger Woods at the 2019 PGA Tour

Understanding Odds

For starters, the most common form of odds setup is the decimal forms. These are simpler to understand because you simply multiply the amount you wish to put up and the result would be your take. In golfing, there is the odds to win wager, golfer matchups, group matchup betting and future bets. All these require some in depth knowledge of the players first, then you get to understanding what the numbers mean.

·        An example of odds to win wager may be placing a bet that one player will win the game outrightly. The odds used be money line (American odds) which work this way. A player has odds of 6/1 or six to one. If you place $100 on this player, you will get $700 back- a hundred for the initial amount you put up- this is assuming the player wins

·        Golfer matchups simply put two players on a collision course to see who wins. The odds may be positive or negative, which is slightly harder to understand. For ease of reference, if one player has -130 and another +120, the underdog in this case has the positive odds. In perspective, if you place a wager on the -130 money-line, you would need to part with (or risk) $130 for every $100 that you do in fact win. Kind of complicate huh? Not really. It needs understanding before you decide to wager an entire $100.

·        Bets placed for future events (or Future Bets) rely entirely on your instincts, what predictors are betting on, and some luck. If you believe that Mickelson will win four majors this coming season, and the odds are stacked at 25/1 (25 to one), you would win $2500 for per every $100 that you wagered.

Money Line Odds

Visit various sites

Gambling sites may have their own odds for different reasons. Even though the differences may be minor, a $200 bet can turn to considerably more money, even if the difference in odds is minute. So, shop around. The most popular sites may have more flexibility with odds and sometimes offer dropping and increasing odds. If you’ve done your research, dropping odds may just present an opportunity to make huge sums of money- on rising oddsJ

Cut your losses

Every once in a while, you will lose. This is inevitable. However, how you lose going forward is what’s important. If you keep losing and are attempting to recoup your money by playing more, you may just need help. Also, with golf betting, you will notice the markets are different compared to football betting. In football bets, you have more markets to choose from, with healthy winning for those who choose to engage in diverse betting. In golf betting however, you also have a few options to select from, but hey require intense understanding of the game. Capitalize on these as much as you can and diversify with one bet for most likely and other for less likely to win. In the event that you lose one bet, you may in fact recover your money, even if you didn’t make a profit. You could place a bet on one player beating another, bet on a future game (in which case odds may be quite favorable) and of course, who will finish in the top ten or twenty.

Remember to always bet responsibly

 Golf Betting- Bet Responsibly

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