Round 1 Highlights | The Open for the Ages

Highlights from Day 1 of The Open for the Ages

The Open for the Ages is a virtual Championship created using film archive that spans a 50 year period to create golf Championship the likes of which has never been seen before.

We see Seve, Nicklaus, Woods, Watson, McIlroy and many other competing at St Andrews

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24 thoughts on “Round 1 Highlights | The Open for the Ages

  1. How could you have an Open for the Ages without Arnold Palmer? There would be no Open as we know it fi Palmer didn't decide it was important back in 1960.

  2. Wonderful format. Brilliant editing! Great to relive some of the greatest shots at the home of golf. Looking forward to the next 3 days. ⛳⛳⛳

  3. 9:03 Seems like they should have followed this up with some other footage, because it makes it look like Seve ignored that there was someone else on the green and shot it on while they're putting.

  4. How do you leave out Tom Watson, Greg Norman and Nick Faldo but include Todd Hamilton and Ben Curtis?

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