Quinta Do Lago South Golf Course Portugal

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Quinta Do Lago South Golf Course Portugal, Mark Crossfield and Matt Lockey PGA professionals play around this beautiful golf course in Portugal with YouGolfTravel’s Rory and his professional partner. Watch as the players try to make pars and birdies around this stunning parkland golf course. This is a on course golf vlog from one of YouTubes best loved golfers trying to help you play better golf with his easy to understand golf tips and lessons. Watch these good golfers hit drivers, fairways and iron shot along with short game to try and shoot the best golf score possible.

40 thoughts on “Quinta Do Lago South Golf Course Portugal

  1. Hey Mark. If you will refer to your vid on how to stop pulling it vid and how to play an up hill lie then you can work on that. lol Just teasing. Great vids. Love the Vlogs

  2. Do you migrate south during the Winter to play golf or do you keep on playing where you live even when it's a little bit frosty? 

  3. @Mark Crossfield

    Hi Mark, was interesting to see you struggle after your tee shot.

    Each shot after that just got worse.

    This is clearly the mental side of things in golf, is there a video you could do with a coach who does the mental side of the game and teach us some methods of how to react to a bad tee shot etc.?


  4. Great course the 'South' at Quinta one of the older courses on the Algarve (1974) had time to mature, good interesting test, played it a few times not over long at around 6,500 yds, one of the 1st to have American style greens & Tees, the Portugal Open been there a number of times in the past. MC struggling on par 5 & Lockster bit of a fatted 2/3i there! while the 'pro's' relaxed in the cart !!! ha 🙂

  5. Good to know we all get into trouble from time to time. I play off a 24 hcp and so Mark's 7 is sometimes sadly my norm. 

  6. Brilliant.  I remember playing this course / hole in January 2018  Good to see top class players being challenged.  Great hole.

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