Pt1: @RickShielsPGA Vs @AndyCarterPGA at Royal Lytham

Pt1: @RickShielsPGA Vs @AndyCarterPGA at Royal Lytham
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Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach takes on Andy Carter PGA Golf Coach at Royal Lytham and St Annes. Matchplay over 9 holes 1,2,3,7,8,9,16,17 and 18th
See who can come out victourious over the first three holes and the 2012 Open Venue

32 thoughts on “Pt1: @RickShielsPGA Vs @AndyCarterPGA at Royal Lytham

  1. Great vid, well put together, great to get different angles, split screen & slo-mo's etc. Top flop shot! & some good driving (913 D2 or D3, setting A1??) by Mr Carter there. Great lag putt from 60 feet. Good stuff, all to play for … looking forward to the rest!!!

  2. This is great stuff! Love the multiple camera angles, especially on the putts. It's obvious hat you guys are having fun and are good mates.

  3. Have just started watching a couple of days ago Ricky. Your cred is on the line, keep the momentum and maybe hit a fairway! Easy to say from the couch!

  4. Awesome video guys and will def be using the line "you sure you've got enough club" when my mates standing over a 20'+ putt hahah

  5. Great stuff from a new subscriber.  Playing YTs, especially that are fun (as this one is) are popular, as you'll see.  Recommend longer videos with more holes.  Keep it up, Thanks!

  6. ca you keep the same set of irons for long time if your re grip every so often or will the shafts start faulting? do more vlogs rick there great!

  7. Awesome guys!!! The sound of Andy isn't as good as Rick, but otherwise an awesome piece of work!!! Much appreciated!!!

  8. Good golf. Horrible commentary. Boring. Can't relate. That's what's important. Can't learn or any have any fun.

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