Portugal San Lorenzo Golf Course Part 2

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Portugal San Lorenzo Golf Course Part 2 with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Matt Lockey and yourGolfTravel’s Rory. Watch the 2 PGA professionals and Rory 9 handicap play around this amazing golf course in Portugal. San Lorenzo has to be one of Mark’s favourite golf courses with it’s contrast between links and parkland design. Watch as the guys hit drivers from tees, iron shot into greens and then chip and putt to save parr. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s easy to understand and fun to watch golf videos.

26 thoughts on “Portugal San Lorenzo Golf Course Part 2

  1. Do you guys find it easier to hit draws and fades at a green rather than just going straight at it? Can't understand the thinking on that last par 3 where you and lockey didn't just try and hit a straight one?

  2. Mark, i've not long been playing, and im absolutely hooked. And i have to say a lot of the reason i am so hooked is because of your channel and the amazing content you put out, thanks so much.

  3. As always, awesome vid. I check your channel daily. It would be so great though if I can actually see the ball flight, at least in the beginning – but I can't see the ball at all. I realize sunlight and such affects it, but maybe yellow balls would help the viewer? They seem to on your range at home? 

  4. I start getting the shakes when I havn't seen one of your course vlogs for a week. I'm thinking i need to see my doctor about it;-) Thank you so much for the entertainment Mark.

  5. Worst abuse of electronics yet, normally a drop of the ipad, today a full on throw of the Nikon, you must get them for free?!? Great video again Mark so entertaining.

  6. Great to see San Lorenzo again, it's been a while – shame you didn't get to the 18th … now that is a great golf hole.

    We're off there in September flights and tee times already booked …… can't wait!

    Great video lads.

  7. Going to trying play here in Aug 2019 ! I've followed in your footsteps in vale do lobo and Quinta do logo which were class so hopefully San Lorenzo will be as good!

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