Portugal Laranjal Golf Course Quinta Do Lago Part 2

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Portugal Laranjal Golf Course Quinta Do Lago Part 2 with Mark Crossfield and Matt Lockey PGA professionals. Watch this second part golf video from the amazing Laranjal golf course as Mark and Matt attemp to make par and birdies on this Portugal golf course. This is a YouGolfTravel golf holiday for the two golf professionals and they are defiantly enjoying the sun in November. Play your best golf with Mark’s simple and easdy to understand golf videos.

21 thoughts on “Portugal Laranjal Golf Course Quinta Do Lago Part 2

  1. Great stuff some good holes for sure, definite test. Think you may have talked the 'Lockster' into the water there MC 🙂 planted the 'left seed' right before the shot. Ha! Perhaps no longer 'Mr Par' but the "bald eagle"!!

  2. mark try and come to hayling island links course its been voted one of the best in the country and some great views

  3. that close bunker shot seemed like a generic bunker stroke, ball slightly forward in the stance square face and aim yet it popped up and stopped like an open faced, left aimed flop shot????

  4. Morning! Have you thought about the Callabertha Golf Training Wizard, (have a quick look on google cant remember the place now) I heard some pretty good things about the results other golfers have had with it, my friend got cool improvement with it. Yeah cut 4 strokes in just a few weeks 

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