Pitching Fix – How To Hit A Short Golf Pitch Shot


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13 thoughts on “Pitching Fix – How To Hit A Short Golf Pitch Shot

  1. Always thought the reason for hips being open was to allow for an open club face, thanks for a more detailed explanation Peter.

  2. Seems you don't 'turn through', but 'slide through' – more an arm motion. If that is the case, do you apply the same way for 50 to 70 yards?

  3. Wow Peter you've come a long way! Love your videos keep up the good work! Also, if I sent you a video of my swing would you be willing to do a quick analysis. Cheers brother!

  4. Wow. Your vids have changed a bit. Your like a new person and the video editing is so much more professional now.

  5. Peter I have very bad pain from recent surgery’s I watch your videos at night it’s the only thing that helps me to sleep and cope with the pain. TY So much for just being you mate Cheers

  6. Hi Peter; after your tweet of 11/05/19 I came here and did a search of your vlogs and this one turned up.
    I reckon its just what I need to help with my short game issue

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