Ping S55 Iron Review

Ping S55 Golf Iron Review
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Independant testing of the New Ping S55 Irons that have come out this year 2013. The Ping S55 Irons have been designed for the lower handicapper for shot shaping ability. The Ping S55 review was carried out by Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester using real life Flightscope data to give you the most honest review to date.
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12 thoughts on “Ping S55 Iron Review

  1. Different in kind of bigger 'polymer' insert in these to the S56's supposed to give a softer/better feel, but can it match the forged feel? especially the grain-flow forged Mizuno's 🙂 S55 although admit they look good can they match the sound/feel of the new MP4's?? 🙂 Have to admit played forged Miz's (MP33's) for a long time now and 1st choice would have to be MP4's but am going to give the S55's a go and see what the 'numbers' say.

  2. golfninja…I played the MS 9 Mizuno blades for 25 years with 3 reconditions on the irons before finally retiring them.  I am hoping the Ping S55 will make me as happy, but curious about your thoughts, as our equipment preference seems very similar.

  3. My set comes in the mail today sometime… 3-PW DGS300 in mint shape, I'm watching every single S55 review on YouTube right now.

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