Ping Rapture Driving Iron

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Ping Rapture Driving Iron reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. mark is in Spain thanks to YourGolfTravel, hitting the Ping Driving Iron from the Rapture range. Can this one lofted golf iron help you hit more fairways and longer straighter drives. The Rapture Ping irons have sold well the world over and this Hybrid, driving iron is made for easy launch and long tee shots and fairway shots. Play your best golf with the best golf equipment for your golf game.

20 thoughts on “Ping Rapture Driving Iron

  1. I'd like to see it hit from a "scrubby" lie compared to the G20 hybrid. You thought you couldn't launch the ball and after hitting the club suddenly launching the ball was easy.

  2. Mark, you mention that you aren't sure that you could get that club in the air on a more "scrubby" lie.  Would you consider using that type of club to replace your 3 wood? I am assuming that you are hitting your 3 wood about 240 also

  3. Why the hell would it be in only 1 loft of 18* these types of clubs are so much better as a long iron replacement to bridge the gap between hybrid and irons. In terms of forgiveness it wouldn't it go wood, hybrid, driving iron, irons.
    My current bag goes:
    driver 8*, 3 wood 15.5*, hybrid 21*, 4 iron – pw, 50*, 54*, 60* and putter.
    Using this type of club in my bag I would want it to replace a 4iron with a driving iron with around ~24* of loft. I would of purchased a callaway utility x-proto if it didnt feel harsh and horrible off the face even on centered hits. But the extra height and accuracy made it a amazing i am still looking for a utility/ driving iron obviously ping didnt hit the sweet spot with me on this club, would of been nice to have more ping in the bag.

  4. "I kid my self" funny 🙂 – I do the same…. using mix mp53 but on bad days should perhaps use something like wilson di7 or miz ex

  5. It'll be cool if you can do driving irons comparison video. Adams Super DHy, Ping rapture d i, Callaway Utility,even Mizuno MP Fli Hi for example..

  6. Just hit on the range and shocked at how accurate the distance and trajectory was!  I just simply did not hit a bad shot.  It's going to be in my bag since I don't cary a 4i or 3i.

  7. Now the Ping Crossover is out there it would be interesting to see a comparison – has the technology improved or just changed

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