Ping Rapture DI or G20 Hybrid

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Ping Rapture DI or G20 Hybrid review and compare with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. mark talks about what club he will carry in his golf bag and why with the help of GC2 HMT data and the 18th at the Belfry golf course. Mark hits his 4 iron from Mizuno up against his G20 Ping hybrid/rescue club and compares distances and launch to the Ping DI Driving iron in the rapture brand. See which club makes it into the golf bag a why. Play your best golf with easy to understand and fun to watch golf videos from mark Crossfield.

40 thoughts on “Ping Rapture DI or G20 Hybrid

  1. On the plus side though, those course blogs with coach lockey (unfollow) and Rory (your golf travel) had me peeing in my pants…

  2. Really good informative stats-ie video about club selection options. 
    Nicely edited and relaxed pace as well. 
    Loving the angry punters complaining about the minutiae of the best free golfing resource on youtube. As if they are tethered up and forced to watch them…

  3. Really great detailed vid & sound advice (as always) for anybody thinking of utilising hybrids &/or the more iron type designed 2i, 3i equivalent. As you say it's about the type of flight & carry relative to the distance. Really you (as of course you have) have to know your average distances so you can fill the 'gaps' in your bag properly & the type of flight/rollout you want. Weather conditions come in to it too as does what kind of course/s you normally play. I have my old trusty MP33 2i which is great and swop it in the bag with a Titleist 913HD subject to where I'm playing & sometimes the weather conditions.

  4. More spin in your 4 iron than hybrid, i would have thought that it would have been the other way around. What shaft do you have in your g20?

  5. This excellent video raises another question: considering the distance you get with your 20 degree G20, what about the 17 degree G20? That's closer to the DI in loft… that would have launched lower too. And distance wise – with your distances – I would LOVE to know the distance gap between the G20 17 degree and your Ping G25 3 wood – there can't be much in it? But the G25 3 wood is MUCH harder to hit… i.e. what kind of distance are you giving up if you replace the 3 wood with the 17 degree G20 hybrid? Cheers as always.

  6. Excellent video Mark.  I'm asking myself exactly these questions right now.  Have just taken the G25 hybrid out of my bag and put the i20 3 iron in.  I tend to hook the hybrid, but the iron is always straight!  Now quite tempted by the Di………

  7. It would great to see a comparison like this of your new gamers versus your old if you still have them. I would love to see if there were any increases in ball speed, or whether loft alone accounted for the distance.

  8. Great video…it really does all come down to personal preference in the end, and what each golfer feels confident and comfortable hitting. I'm not even close to a scratch golfer and for the longest time I used a 3 & 4 hybrid because I just thought I should…one day I tried a friend's 4 iron and hit it beautifully…now I carry 3 & 4 irons instead of the hybrids. #coolstorybro  

  9. When doing gap-measurements how much gap should I have between each club? 10m, 5m or ? 
    Or should an ideal gap be seen as some distance that is easy to push a little or hold back on a little? Love the videos, they really help!!! 🙂

  10. I found when I first used the hybrid I would hit it out of the centre of my stance, I then heard I am supposed to hit it similar to a 4-3 iron position in the stance, slightly forward, got huge height and carry off the forward position but almost identicle distance with roll out compared to the middle position, possibly due to a slight downhill target lie, may have to experiment with this into wind a little more. So many great hybids to choose from now

  11. Hi Mark.
    First of all, big fan 🙂

    Which balls are you using ? is it just range ones ?

    Niels Hunniche

  12. this one has to be one of the best videos you have ever made, super interesting info, great way to explain the similarities of both clubs, their potential and flexibility towards being able to handle n twist them off in the course

  13. Just hit the DI on the range and it's a must have!  On Links, it's a go.  The flight is amazing and low, with so much control that a hybrid can't match.  The DI is much more accurate yardages off the teebox.  I did not mishit even one time!  When I try to shape with a hybrid, it's so random where it lands.  Advice: Hit on the range, not in doors with launch monitor!!!  You won't feel the trajectory indoors.  BTW, the stock shaft was a little light IMO.   I would love this DI in an X100…although the stock X  worked surprisingly good.  The DI was so forgiving that I hit every shot solid…this is so much better than driving irons years ago.

  14. Hay great video. Now that you know that you are not going to use the rapture could i have it I believe it would benefit me greatly.

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