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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre has a competiton between the PING i25 Vs CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA ALPHA Drivers to see which is longest on avergae using the GC2 launch monitor. See which of the PING i25 Vs CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA ALPHA will help you maximize your distance and help you hit the golf ball longest.


  1. Great vid rick love how ping as a company make very little noise about distance and then come out with the i25 smashing there competitors out the building

  2. I got the same result using GC2, the Alpha was good but the i25 was just a bit better. I am going to test the X2 Hot and then decide what I will be changing to.

  3. It was interesting the Callaway had higher ball speed, but the higher spin had it coming down earlier. Ping i25 definitely won the loudest award. When I demoed the Ping the feel (high pitch loud sound) was my reason to put the club back on the rack. I was wondering if you could put the Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 up for review. Exotics XCG7 driver performed the best according to Robot Testing by Edwin Watts.

  4. Really curious to see the higher spin rates on the Alpha considering the advertisement push for the high launch/low spin we've all seen from Callaway.  I'd be curious to see if the same trend would persist in these clubs if they were adjusted to lower lofts. 

  5. Maybe the callaway would have faired better with the gravity core set the other way round? The spin really brought it down quick.

  6. The Ping i25, seems to be having lower spin as well, how does the i25 compare to the Nike covert Tour 2.0 or last years model please.

  7. did you do this with the gravity core up or down? did you get a different result if you changed it? would be interesting to know!!

  8. Rick great video match ups!  One thing that you could include in your 'real ball' data, would be dispersion off line in your numbers to declare a champ.  I noticed you beat the tar out of the i25, however it was much more offline than the Alpha.  If you're 290 carry into the bush, you're making bogey.



  9. You do realize that the shafts have drastically different profiles. The reason you were hitting the PING longer was because the shaft has a higher kick point and less torque which helped you produce less spin. For a lower spin player the result would probably be just the opposite. 

  10. Great vid but is there anyway you can have something for your club head speed so we could determine that in and some face tape to see where the ball hits exactly …but great vids keep them coming …

  11. I have the Alpha with the Aldila ATX Tour Green in X flex and it is a real monster combo. I bought the X2 Hot and the Alpha and swapped shafts around between the 3 I tried and the Aldila Green with the BBA was the winner hands down. Shafts tried were RIP Gamma 60X, Fujikura Fuel Folds of Glory Tour Spec X, Just saying the shaft is what matters. A REAL comparison would be with the exact same shaft in weight, brand, length where the head is the only variable. I have never hit a driver higher and longer than the BBA and I recommend it over the I20-25 from Ping, just my opinions of course. Still awesome vids Rick, keep them coming.

  12. Your dispersion looked much better on the Big Bertha Alpha. Look at dispersion on two longest hits. 284 yards and <5 yards from center is much better than 290 and > 40 yards left.

    Love the reviews… keep them coming.

  13. you needed to put the gravity core with the weight away from the bottom to hit it lower and further with less spin, then it would surpass the ping

  14. I bought the Big Bertha 2014 Driver. I loved it, untill it cracked all the way acrossed the head after only a few rounds. I am very careful with my clubs so this didn't occur due to lack of care or frustration. So i bought another. It cracked after only 2 hits. I can't tell if I found hosel settings that make this club vulnerable or if this club just sucks. I am not a big guy. My club head speed maybe above average, but i shouldn;t not have been able to destroy 2 drivers in less then 4 rounds of golf.

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