Ping i25 Ping s55 Irons

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Ping i25 Ping s55 Irons reviewed and compared by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the two new irons from Ping golf and talks about the the difference in launch and distance. With the help of launch data from GC2 HMT Mark talks about his numbers with the two golf clubs and why he would choose the iron out of the two Ping clubs. i25 with is progressive offset and late cavity over the more tour inspired Ping s55 with its slim lines and classic looks will appeal to different golfers but here are some facts from the irons.

41 thoughts on “Ping i25 Ping s55 Irons

  1. I playoff 14, i used old ping i5 till this year, wanted to try some nice smaller irons so bought an old set of s58 irons and they are wonderful, feel so much nicer to hit out of the middle and I find them just as forgiving on off centre hits, so dont just assume you cant us the s line coz you arnt singe figure hcap, you may be surprised, and ping are expensive but they make amazing quality clubs, that will last forever even 2nd hand ones

  2. Good video Mark.  Very surprised at the outcome, that for you, the i25 outperformed the s55.  Second, while a loyal Mizuno iron player, I recently purchased a driver and 3-wood from….Ping.  The trackman numbers for my swing simply proved that the G25 was the best club for me.  You've made me a believer in getting properly fit rather than going with a club that looked and felt the best.  Thanks for your advice.

  3. Mark, I wish you would have compared the 5 irons in these two sets as well, since the i25 long irons have more offset than the s55.  In fact I think a good video would be to compare the 5 irons of all 3 ping sets, g25, i25 and s55.  I also think some comment on forgiveness and workability of each set would be useful rather than just distance.  

  4. Mark, great vid. But.

    What I find a bit strange is the massive dispersion (in the mathematical, not golfing buzz word sense) in the six shots. With both clubs your backspin differs by more then 20%, which indicates you should do more shots on both, look at both average and outliers. Maybe give us some thoughts about the reasons for this difference. Just as an idea. And I repeat myself. Thanks for what you do here…

    Cheers, Norb

  5. Mark, any way you can measure the lofts on the irons you tested? Could the i25 have stronger lofts than Ping is publishing. Ping is normally honest, but OEMs occasionally pull these tricks.

  6. Mark, how do each feel (and by that I mean sound)? Relatively the same? Or is there a noticeable difference between the two? Thanks.

  7. I know you say the are the same loft but did you measure them for loft? Could be as simple as manufacturer's tolerances when clubs made?

    Eagerly awaiting the comparison of either Ping to MP54. I've had MP53 and S56 alternating spots in my bag for over a year and have constantly amazed by how similarly they perform for me – if anything, the S series seems a bit more forgiving, which I know just shouldn't be true!

  9. Great video, love the new bits where you show your data.  Mark, did you actually measure the lofts?  You mentioned the specs on their website but they are built to tolerances so if the i25 was a degree or two strong and/or the s55 a degree or two weak this would explain the difference in yardage.

  10. Mark, could you kindly compare the i20 and i25. I play both irons and hybrid of the i20 and would be interested to know if those play similar to i25. many thank

  11. Great vid again Mark. WIll you be able to test the new Wilson Staff products? I am especially interested in the new FG Tour M3 irons, Driver, Woods and Hybrids.

  12. Off topic but are you flying across the pond to our PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando this week?

    Work part time in a "box" store…not for the money, as a PingTitleist fitter using the GC2. Four bays and the monitors do read a few yards different, HOWEVER I am using the same monitor for fitting, not going to different monitors for different irons to collect data. Prefer the Titleist Fitting Manual but Ping's cartfitting chart.

    Mark, I noticed your shots were all "playable" per Titleist ball speed charts. Golfers would score better if they adhered to these charts rather than choosing "pretty" irons they can't hit within those parameters but hey…that's what makes us all unique.

  13. hi mark,
    really enjoyed the I vs s video, interestingly I have just been up to Gainsborough to get refitted foe some irons and during got the exact opposite results.

    Im playing off 6 and wanted a change from my ping i15's therefor travelled to ping with my club pro and was fitted for both the I and s series with know real preference

    So I was fitted for a silver dot (which was a change from my previous yellow, 4 years ago off 14), 0.5 inch longer than standard and standard white grip.
    Trying many different shaft options we opted for the zz-65 shaft.

    the s55 were 5 yards longer for myself than the i25 and with a much tighter dispersion ring.
    so just to put my mind at rest any idea why?    

  14. Great video Mark.  Why not compare the I25s to the I20s?  How do the numbers compare with between those two models?  I know Ping wants to promote their new irons, but consumers want to know how the new stuff compares to what we're currently playing.  

  15. I experienced this first hand today. The i25 7 iron was performing the same as my MP 6 iron. 186 avg carry. Pretty sweet clubs from ping. 

  16. Slightly misleading, or I'm reading the numbers wrong. But according to the side spin the i25's where hit with a draw swing and the s55's a fade swing. A draw is always going to go that little bit further… Love the video's and learn from them a greater understanding of the physics of the golf swing..

  17. Mark, I know you're not a big shaft freak, but do you suppose the reason you got different distances was because the I25 had a bit more whippy shaft than the S55? I ask because I play the S59 with the stock stiff Zz65 shaft +1/2", and with my 7 iron, my average distance last year, on the course, was a hair under 150. I went to GolfSmith and demoed a stock length black dot S55 7 iron and I was averaging about 165 yards, so it may be a shaft issue. Just a thought.

  18. Great review!! I am considering the I 25 and am a plus handicap. I would love to see number comparisons for longer irons also.The 4 iron is always in the back of my mind on your reviews. It would be interesting if the consistency of numbers and the reviews would change.Please consider.

  19. You all ways talk about how much you like the ping clubs, so the question is when are you going to convert!. I am a bit of a ping guy my self with the i10's and i15 driver only i have been very happy with these in the bag.

  20.  I played mp 60's for a long time when I was a very low handicap golfer. I have played golf only a couple times in the last 4 years but am starting back up. I play ok, but I often strike the ball off center of the clubface. My question is this. I plan on switching to either the ping G25 or i25 I've hit both and enjoy both.I'm worried that if I get the g25's that in a year or less I'll regret not getting the i25's as I love a smaller head and "bulky" Irons with alot of offset rarely appeal to me. Right now I'm shooting low/mid 80's but I plan on dropping that number drastically over the next year. Any advice?

  21. After seeing this video, I had the 55's, borrowed a set of i25's off my mate. The 25's are much better for me. really easy to hit. I also found the 25's were at least half a club longer! i play of 3, but the 25's were better for me. thanks for the video, its cost me a couple of hundred quid 🙂 I'll send you the bill Mark 🙂

  22. I hit the S55 10 yards further than the Ping i25 6 irons today in my second trial of both clubs. Absolutely love the feel of the s55 and how it comes off the face. I liked the Ping i25 too. I usually love the Callaway irons but I hit these better and are planning to get the s55s.

  23. I hit the S55 10 yards further than the Ping i25 6 irons today in my second trial of both clubs. Absolutely love the feel of the s55 and how it comes off the face. I liked the Ping i25 too. I usually love the Callaway irons but I hit these better and are planning to get the s55s.

  24. Brilliant video Mark, I had a test with both irons the s55 and the i25 was amazed at how much a defence I was getting on distance and flight.. The i25 are amazing.. And definitely is important to get them fitted.. Will be getting a set soon.. I have the i15 and loved them.. Ping make great club's simple looking and efficient.. Again good video and fantastic feedback.. Cheers Mark.

  25. I am a new subscriber, Mark, and I can't thank you enough for all of your reviews. I have been playing my original set that I bought when I was 14 years old. I am 30 now. I play the Taylormade Burner Oversize irons and have never had a lesson other than watching the golf channel. I am a 12 handicap. I am finally making the move to a new set and am hitting anything and everything out there. Just like I did when I bought my first set. As of now, I am between the I25 and Jpx 850 forged. Next is watching your reviews of drivers and hybrids to complete my set. Just wanted to share how much I appreciate the time and effort you have taken with your great reviews. Keep up the great work!

  26. Great review! I have the i25's and love them but my youngest is using them. I also have a set of Taylor Made Rocketbladz that I like but my oldest son is now using them! Anyway, I got a great deal on some Mizuno MX100's that are easy to hit and I can get a deal on some S55's but I am not sure if I need them. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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