Ping i25 Ping G25 Drivers

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Ping i25 Ping G25 Drivers reviewed and compared by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. With the help of GC2 HMT launch monitor Mark hits the two Ping golf drivers and talks numbers on launch, carry and spin rates. Which driver from the Ping G and i range of golf clubs might help your golf game improve. Hit more fairways and send the ball longer and straighter from the tee with the best golf equipment for your golf game. With the likes of Bubba Watson, Lee Westwood and Hunter playing Ping equipment and winning around the world make sure you have your best game and equipment for your comps

20 thoughts on “Ping i25 Ping G25 Drivers

  1. G25 at $350US or i25 at $399US…now if the G25's came like Bubba's with the racing stripes…that'd be a different story

  2. So if the Anser had better numbers than the G25, and it's better then the i25 so Anser is still the best driver made by Ping?

  3. Santa brought me a new G25 and I love it.  I have since added the 18-degree 5-wood as well and couldn't be happier.  I'm even looking at Ping to possibly replace  my long-loved Mizuno irons, although I not sure about giving up my grain-flow forged heads.

  4. +9tube1 don't mizuno has great irons and ping irons could screw ur game but do what u think best for your game

  5. Great review Mark ! I like Ping so I might get one of these drivers only if I see much yardage improvement over my G 15 driver . I would say I need to see 10 yards more otherwise I will not spend the $$. If you could please talk  about shaft flex-stiff vs regular. When do you know that based on your speed swing what shaft flex will benefit you and why is that?     Have you done the Ping 3 metals? How about the Ping Rapture 3 metal? Good club?  THX  Again!  

  6. Mark, love your reviews and vid's. 1st time I saw your video I thought "Damn, Drew Carey been hitting the Slimfast hard, and I never knew he had such a good swing!"

  7. I tested both out and went with the i25… if you aren't a huge fan of the enormous driver heads you will love the i25, the g25 is great too but I just feel like I get a little more control with the slightly compact head… if you don't hit close to the middle most time then I guess the bigger head will probably be best for you.

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