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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the latest Ping i25 Irons on foresight sports GC2 launch monitor. This set of irons are suited to mid- low handicapped golfers who want distance, forgiveness and control. Will these golf irons help your game so that you shoot lower scores and improve your golf game?

39 thoughts on “PING i25 IRONS REVIEWED

  1. @Rick Shiels Good numbers from the i25. Can see these may well replace the order on the S55's !! 🙂 or you thinking of changing in with Titleist, & the AP2's or has the new Apex Pro converted you ? Seems the i25's outperform S55's but I like the look of the S55 over i25. Since using the demo 7i, have you got to hit the i25's through the set? wondering what they 'gap' like ??

  2. Just tried a few irons at my local pro shop. Tried the Ap2 & Apex but the i25 in stiff seemed to give me the best results. Never tried ping before so was quite surprised I would be ordering them. Got back & just watched your great review on them. Can't wait for them to come now!! Roll on the 23rd of Feb.

  3. I have the i20s in my bag and absolutely love them, they seem to stay on line even after a miss hit. I am definitely looking forward to trying out the i25s and seeing if they'll live up to the i20s

  4. I have to say….i'm a 5 handicap….was considering going to s55's…but these i25's feel fantastic, so easy to hit, and carry an extra 6-8 yards more than my mizuno's and the 55's. I think these are going in the bag. 

  5. Rick…I have the Ping i20 irons and love them and was looking for a second set for my second home and wondered if I should look for a used set of i20; used brown dots are hard to find or should I simply buy a new i25 irons brown dots directly from the manufacturer. Any obvious improvement differences between the i20 and the i25 iron sets.

  6. Really enjoy your honest views on all the clubs you test. I went for a custom fit using trackman and to be honest tested mizuno,ap-2's,callaway apex and then was handed the i 25 playing off 7 wasn't the look i wanted but when i put them behind the ball and struck them..Wow!! These are Amazing and I've ordered can't wait for the season ahead!!
    Keep up the great vid's

  7. Hi Rick. I'm a 7 handicap golfer. I know it's not all based on handicap what club is best, however id like to know anyway! I hit the ball extremely high with my irons and my striking is 8/10. Would the forgiveness and modest cavity aid these flaws? Thanks! Keep up the great work.

  8. Hi Rick, currently playing Rocketbladez Tour, what are your thoughts on the i25 vs. Apex vs. Covert Forged 2.0 vs. Taylormade CB? Top two preferences? I will of course test with optional shafts.

  9. Great vid! I had the 55's, borrowed my mates 25's and now they're in the bag. Belting irons, and at least half a club longer than the 55's!

  10. Rick.
    The next time you do a five shot string and measure you dispersion, you should omit the two outliers, narrowing your range a bit to give a more accurate interpretation of what to expect. Just a thought… I understand it's all still subjective to you.
    Take care.

  11. The last time I bought clubs was when a golf town was closing down and everything was at least 50% off… Anyone know when/how to get clubs in sale?

  12. Hey what do you like better between the I25 and the Taylormade Tour Prefered MC?   would you say the i25's are more or less forgiving?

  13. Hi Rick. Great video.  I'm currently switching from the Mizuno JPX EZ forged irons with the senior graphite shaft to the Ping I25's with a steel shaft.  The Mizunos were too light and I lost club head sensation.  Can you recommend a light weight steel shaft for the I25's for a 67 year old golfer 5'5", who hits a 7 iron 143 yds, and has a 5.3 hcp.  Thanks Rick.

  14. Great vid. Great channel. Loved this review. I was fitted for these, was never a big Ping fan (no reason) so this was a nice watch while waiting for delivery. When they arrived, loved em. Just the right amount of help for me. Can get the 4 iron way up in the air. Anyways, fan from Canada, cheers

  15. Nice review. I ordered my i25s last Saturday, so I actually watch this video after ordering them. I can't expect to play with them. I was hitting my shots so consistantly with these irons. The head is small but it is extremely precise when you hit the ball correctly. Additionally the carry distances with these were insane. With the 7-iron I had a total distance (not carry distance) of 187 yards, which is 30 yards further than with the 7-iron I used before.

  16. Rick, I'd like to second Mike Hunt's request.  I'm interested in the Callaway Apex and how it compares to the Ping i25. Your videos are great.  Keep 'em coming!

  17. i went from the 2014 taylormade MC to a set of i25s they are awesome and really forgiving best club ive ever had

  18. Hey Rick, can you do a review on the Bridgestone J15 Cast Irons, would be much appreciated. Thanks! Your videos have helped me from hitting 110s to low 90s in 3 months, and I've only been playing for 4 months. Cheers!

  19. Hey Rick. I know you have to slog the new stuff. But once in a while bring out a classic like a Ping Eye2 or Ping ISI and compare loft versus loft against the new stuff. But hey, I'm biased. I'm old enough to remember when Ping was an engineering company. Not a marketing one.

  20. I play Ping Rapture Irons "the green one's" I like them, great clubs but I'm wondering are these i25's any better. Does anyone out there Know.

  21. Just got a set from a mate. Going to put some aero tech steel fibre shafts in them. Anyone had any experience with this configuration??

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