Ping i25 Hybrid

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Ping i25 Hybrid reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA professional. Mark talks about the new hybrid from Ping golf and how it could help you hit improved golf shots from the fairway and the tee. Mark already games the G20 hybrid from Ping and shows how this club might go in his golf bag as his new rescue/ hybrid. The black headed golf club with no onset design comes in a few lofts and is one of Pings best hybrids. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s fun, easy and instructional golf videos.

34 thoughts on “Ping i25 Hybrid

  1. Can you compare and contrast with the i20 hybrid please, Mark?  I have a 23 degree i20 and would like your opinion on whether this is a genuine improvement.  You seem to think it is, can you talk more about the differences? 

  2. This club looks great, when you get a chance can you review the new Taylor made JetSpeed rescue and 3 wood, thanks

  3. Hi Mark, love the vids!! Would like to see more putter reviews/tips/ drills for the better amateur though, I play off 4 myself and the short game can sonetimes let me down, any tips??

  4. Mark, could you possibly review/compare the Adams Idea Super S 9031 with this club as I am wanting to add a hybrid to my bag. The comparison would be useful.

  5. Hi Mark. I'm a 7 handicap who likes his longer irons but wants the greater shot options a hybrid can give. Poor lies etc.
    Not found a hybrid that feels close enough to an iron yet. Do you think this could be it? Loving the videos especially the Spain/Portugal on course stuff!

  6. Thanks for the review. It seems like of all the new i25 clubs, you are liking the hybrids maybe the best? Would that be accurate to say?

  7. Your always testing the same manufacturers clubs!  You have a big Yonex poster in your driving range ,Why not ask Yonex for some clubs to test?

  8. Mark, what about reviewing some of the Adams Golf kit…especially the hybrid clubs…considered by many as the market leader for this type of club.

  9. Great looking club. I like the matt finish. Good feel and sound when you hit the ball. The club is easy to launch from almost anywhere. My only down side is that i like more a club with bigger head of the tee. But that is just in my stupid head 😀

  10. Hey Mark. We are constantly being bombarded by club company's that offer the most incredible game improvement. Grenade, Warrier, Bombtech to name a few. How about including some of these brands in your comparison tests? Have a great year👍🏻

  11. Just purchased the 17 and 19 degree clubs and they are doing their job for sure. They hit a straight ball flight with great distance for me. I was trapped behind a tree the other day and tried to slice one around the tree. To my delight, it turned perfectly and made me look good. I am sold on these clubs.

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