Phil Mickelson’s 50 best shots

To celebrate Phil Mickelson’s 50th birthday on June 16, 2020, check out the 50 best shots of Lefty’s storied PGA TOUR career (excluding majors) which includes 44 victories since 1991.


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29 thoughts on “Phil Mickelson’s 50 best shots

  1. Mickelson's Top 50 and the 13th at Augusta doesn't make the video? Wow… didn't notice this was PGA… embarrassing

  2. "If anyone can do this, it's phil." Commentators will say this before all of phil's shots, except, of course, his tee shots

  3. I don’t know how many of you here watch cricket. Those long shots by Phil looks like Yuvrajs straight drive for a six. Amazing, elegant and pure artistry.

  4. 38 is way too low, that is the god tier flop shot. But I guess this is just 50 great shots from Phil rather than a top 50. Also I’d almost say 3 is the best shot just because of the call out “the worse it is the better he gets” how we will always think of Phil

  5. Remember that commercial where the man ends his bedtime prayer saying, Oh, and please let Phil win a major.

  6. Phil has always been my favorite golfer. I've never met him but I've heard he is one of the nicest guys on the PGA tour. And a great father/ husband. Would love to meet him some day.

  7. Phil's reactions are priceless. He tries to hide the smile but fails every time. I think that's what makes him a fan favorite

  8. I swear he puts himself in these situations just so he can pull off these incredible recovery shots. Legend

  9. Bryson seems to be setting the hearts racing, but can you imagine the 50 best shots – would they all be full bore? Give me Mickelson's hands any day.

  10. Beside not showing the pine straw 2010 13th hole at Augusta, they left out a flop shot he hit going back toward Ray's Creek to within a foot. Everyone would have putted it from the 40 feet tight lie. Phil's the best.

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