Over The Top Downswing Golf Tip

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Over The Top Downswing Golf Tip with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks golf swing and in this video he is helping a golfer who has sent his golf swing through the mobile golf app, links above. Club path and downswing ideas are given to the golfer to try to get them to understand how to play their best golf and enjoy it more.

14 thoughts on “Over The Top Downswing Golf Tip

  1. Hi Mark, tried this drill today and it seems to be helping my loads with my driver, so the k you. But one question I have, I never did this before, well not consciously but my iron shots have always been good and consistent but I really struggle with the big stick.. this is helping. Would you say there is something else I can try to avoid the dreaded fade?

  2. Great, this is what I need…and help from bunkers (esp hard pan lies)…and how to stop moving my head out of the box…and more club head speed.

  3. Does this swing make you come to far from the inside. Or does it make a more neutral swing of slight in- straight along target line- and back inside on the follow thru??

  4. I tried so many drills to stop the over the top action, but my divots still point to the left massively. Maybe this exercise will finally help.

  5. Over the top is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the best players of all time used a cut as their stock shot.

  6. Iv'e watched lots of videos on fixing OTT to help my slice with not great results. This drill when practised on & off course has helped me really straighten up that flight and give distance. Thanks & great work Mark 👍

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