On Plane Golf Swing with EXPLANAR

Creating a More On Plane Golf Swing
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Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach improving Sams golf swing in just one lesson. Sam was really struggling with shanking the golf ball and couldn’t figure out why. Using the video analysis software Rick noticed how flat the backswing was and the compensations Sam had to make. Using Explanar training aid we fixed the golf swing and help sam strike the golf ball better, further and cleaner.

5 thoughts on “On Plane Golf Swing with EXPLANAR

  1. Looks like he is slightly too far forward in the explanar so he is still practicing too flat of a swing. I've used the explanar and it's great if u make sure your positioned properly in it. Since he is too far forward he is still going to swing slightly too flat than optimum.

  2. Yes you definitely set him up wrong in the Explanar Rick, I use the same Pro version and he is way to far forward as previous comment said correctly, he is practicing in effect a flat swing, it would have been better to have set it to upright for a flat swinger but definitely not flat, very good training aid if used properly , my students love it.

  3. As I read golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google), I uncovered how in depth it explains the correct way of doing a golf swing. The book is based off of the swing model of all tour pros put together. I have read 1/2 of this book and the tips are perfect. Looking over this book allowed me to score 3 straight low 80s rounds.

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