Oceanico Victoria Golf Course Part 3

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Oceanico Victoria Golf Course Part 3 with Mark Crossfield, AskGolfGuru, Matt Locket or @Coachlockey and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. Watch the three golfers play some stunning golf holes on the back nine of this European Tour venue in Portugal. The Victoria golf course is a stadium design course with water and challenging golf holes. Watch the guys hitting drivers from the tee, irons into fast greens and chipping and putting for birdies and pars. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s easy to follow and understand golf videos.

35 thoughts on “Oceanico Victoria Golf Course Part 3

  1. Crossfield definitely appears to be guilty of teeing up ahead of the markers! – First hole (like the Par 3 from the other day) Lockie's ball/tee position is always 2ft further back.  Is that careless absent mindedness on the part of Mark OR sneaky/competitive/aggression to ensure he wins longest drive??? Queue….much fist pumping and references to being sneaky…….(long!)…he might be right about the sneaky bit!


  2. I only have 1 problem with these videos, when Mark goes back to the UK its gunna be horrible conditions on a dull course!

  3. seriously tho, mark, look up andrew reynolds. he is a pro skater who has ocd and does 3 taps before everything he does, just like your preswing. its hilarious.

  4. Hi mark. I was thinking of starting my own golf channel or even just making videos. What do you use for your course vlogs (equipment and video editor)? Thanks 🙂

  5. Mark criticising Matt's 'lumpy' on looks,with a G20 and a set of jpx ex's in the bag! Rich! Great video though keep it up!

  6. Coach – couldn't you have teed up again after knocking your first into the lake? It was on a tee even if forward of the markers

  7. Great videos.  Coach Lockey your tee height is exceptionally consistent!  I ALWAYS carry a spare ball in my pocket.  You might wanna ditch that habit if you do too.  Mark 2-Putt-Par Crossfield doesn't need more ammo.

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