Oceanico Victoria Golf Course Part 2

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Oceanico Victoria Golf Course Part 2 with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Matt Lockey Coach Lockey and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. Watch the 3 golfers navigate more interesting golf holes around this European tour venue. Lots of water lots of tough shots with many funny driving holes from the Lockett. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s fun ands easy to watch golf instruction videos.

33 thoughts on “Oceanico Victoria Golf Course Part 2

  1. Hi Mark
    I am 14 years old and am off 15. I currently have the powerbuilt air force one irons, but are getting to small because I had them cut down. Can you suggest some good irons that are not really expensive that would be suitable for my handicap, which is decreasing quickly. Thanks.  

  2. Hi Mark, any advice on the best place for a high handicap golfer to go on a golfing holiday? Of all the courses you played in Portugal and Spain, which would you say are most suited to relatively new golfers (been playing about 6 months now)? Many thanks

  3. What is wrong with Lockey's putter? LOL
    These are some of the most enjoyable course videos out there, have very much enjoyed this Portugal series.

  4. I think you're a bit harsh on your putting. The Tour pros make half of all their birdies from inside 7 feet, and 85% of them from inside 18 feet. A lot of your putts for birdie seem to be from way outside those ranges. Two putting for par consistently is pretty good when your 20+ feet away.

    Stating the obvious, but if you want more birdies, you gotta get your irons closer. Give yourself more short putts.

  5. Mark you are a top golfer.love the swing.i can see your professionalism specially when you putting its like you know you gettin your par.

  6. #Coach Lockey driving/putting academy…living on the edge!!!!!!  Thanks Mark for another GREAT video and reminding us golf is a game and intended to be fun when out with your friends!  The 'naysayers" in the bunch need to stick to competitive tournament golf and put their money and reputations on the line…nothing like being paired with 3 individuals you do not know on the first tee with a narrow fairway, everybody watching and $$$ on the line…not much fun or frivolity there!  But, it is just a game……

  7. It looks like you guys have some fun while playing some good golf.  Lots of sun too.  Always a bonus.  Hit 'em straight from the States

  8. I really enjoy watching these vids, the banter is great. Mark and Matt are the laurel n Hardy of the golf world haha..

  9. good people, great weather and a fantastic course, you know you have really made it when this is your job! looking forward to the next golf travel vids.

  10. Fun Fun Fun every time. Work hard 40 hours a week so lets keep it enjoyable boys. Competitive at address then banter away !!!!!

  11. All these negative comments people are leaving is just stupid. Been a fan of mark for a while and his videos are just pure quality. Keep it up mark It really helps my golf game

  12. Ok your videos have knocked 6 shots off my handicap am not complaining just want to see you putt well I will be looking for your vids in Spain good work o'yeah got some E,Z power fitted and being set up as I type tryed about six or seven sets these were more accurate than all others I was 19 hc now I'm 11 hc in one year and with clubs not fit for me so am bount smash it 2014 is the year I get my name on board fingers cross

  13. Mark. I think it would  be a good idea, if you had a wind blocker. The sound is good but the wind is super annoying. i find myself muting most of your golf vlogs because of the wind. Cheers.

  14. I watched so many videos of these guys playing golf. They bring such humor to the game. 5 star comedy with skill!

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