Oceanico Pinhal Golf Course Part 2

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Oceanico Pinhal Golf Course Part 2 with Mark Crossfield, Matt Lockey and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. Watch the three golfers playing around Portugal on some great golf course. Pinhal is a tree lined parkland style golf course with some great driving holes. Hit the fairways with your tee shots and pars will flow if you miss the fairways you will have to start moving the golf ball in the air. Watch the guys hitting drivers, irons, chip shots as well as putts as they try to make pars and birdies. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s easy to understand and fun golf videos.

23 thoughts on “Oceanico Pinhal Golf Course Part 2

  1. Merry Christmas Mark thank you for your dedication to editing and uploading on Christmas. Happy Holidays and New Year

  2. Really beautiful tree lined course!  Thanks Mark for uploading on Christmas day!  All of your videos are very good thanks for providing them!!!  How about a Golf Guru & #Coach Lockey v the meandmygolf boys challenge? "What say ya" said in my best British accent with a little Texas drawl ya'll…at least as good as your New York accent!!! ha ha…thanks again Mark keep 'em coming!

  3. another great game can't get over how consistent you guys are. What balls are you all using?
    I played the worst game of my life today, absolute rubbish 77 for 9 holes, hangovers, 3 hrs sleep and golf do not go well together!

  4. Hello Mark, I've seen you hit that Nike driver about 12 times now. Average of fairways hit 30% at best ( just like Tiger and Rory) .
     At least they get millions for using it, I doubt whether you do .
    Why not swallow your pride and go back to a driver that finds the short grass ?

  5. Hey mark merry Xmas! Are u going to make a video about the ping driving iron comparing to hybrids?

    Anyways love your video!

  6. I just started watching a few weeks back. Really enjoy the video's. Thanks for the new one on Christmas day. Merry Christmas from Oregon City Oregon here in the USA. Really enjoy Coach Lockey by the way…2nd on the two of you taking on meandmygolf boys. 

  7. Mark, on the 2nd hole it was 410, and for the 2nd shot you said yo had 188. So your drive went 222. Is that correct? Why so short or did you hit a tree?

  8. marks pre hits remind me of andrew reynolds when he skates if anyone is familiar with him… also, do you guys have instagram? thanks

  9. Really love you videos. Can you play abit more with "The Gorilla". He's fun to watch. Keep up with your videos!!! You are a very good golfer.

  10. I played this course and Millenium in October. Pinhal was average for the price and in pretty poor condition on the greens. Millenium was miles better. Would be good if you ranked the courses post the visit ….. or at least do some pros and cons for each course you play. Would be useful for those of us planning golf trips! Great videos, keep getting stuck in.

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