Oceanico Laguna Golf Course

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Oceanico Laguna Golf Course with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Matt Lockey @coachlockey and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. Watch the three golfers play around the Laguna golf course in Portugal. The Laguna golf course with its stunning lakes and good greens. Watch the guys play from the tee hitting drivers and irons into greens. See who wins this three hole golf challenge and can Mark make another Portugal birdie. Play your best golf with easy to understand golf tips, drills, reviews and course vlogs with Mark Crossfield’s easy to understand golf videos.

38 thoughts on “Oceanico Laguna Golf Course

  1. Loved the video series but feel for Lockey having to put up with Mark's BS. Love Mark but he's got to learn how to be humble after a good shot and stop jabbing at his opponents. Can't stand those people who do stuff like that but cover it up by saying, "I'm just joking" or "I'm just messing around".
    PS, Rory played like a champ.

  2. I'm jealous of how "bad" you all's golf game is, I've made 1, count them, 1 par my entire life. I start lessons soon, keep up these videos please, if nothing else it keeps me going during the really cold stretches of winter over here in the states.

  3. This is how everyone should play golf unless you are in a tournament. Golf is to hard to take seriously on every single shot. Might as well make it fun instead of being stressed out the whole round and making yourself miserable. Most entertaining golf channel on youtube. 

  4. Great vids Mark, lockey and Rory.
    Mark who is the best golfer within your circle?
    And with the open being held on the Wirral this year, wouldnt you guys ( and baby gap gorrilla) play the wirral challenge ( all the fantastic courses on the wirral, even the municiple trickies)?

  5. lol entertaining video…. Man I wish I could hit an iron those distances.  best I get is about 180 with my 5 (when I'm hitting it clean… ie: rarely).

  6. Just watching this again before heading to work..never did see Locks footage from the shower 😂
    But what a giggle on the tee I was surprised anyone could hit a shot through watery eyes..

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