NORTH vs SOUTH GOLF BATTLE feat- Rick Shiels, Peter Finch and James Pickard

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29 thoughts on “NORTH vs SOUTH GOLF BATTLE feat- Rick Shiels, Peter Finch and James Pickard

  1. What did you think of the video guys? I cut out a few bits in between shots to keep the overall length down but wondered whether you prefer this and the video to be shorter and punchier or prefer a longer video with all the middle bits left in? Let me know please! Thanks for watching!

  2. I honestly don't understand why Brits have so much trouble understanding this format? Or golf Youtuber's think they do? Choose your teams best shot off the tee…everyone play their next shot from that point…repeat until you hole out. Anyways, enjoyed the video and I definitely enjoy the longer version where the banter in between shots is included.

  3. I always watch the "Northen Lads", but they do "waffle on" a bit. I like the editing you do. Maybe they are a bit too busy to spend more time on editing.

  4. May be a lot to ask but what would be YouTube legendary viewing would be a Northern Lads VS Southern :ads Ryder Cup style match three days of pure golfing fun @GolfChannel and club manufacturer sponsored weekend perhaps… With Pete, Rick, Carter, Matt, @MeAndMyGolf, VS @MarkCrossfield , Coach Lockey, Seb and the lads from the South… How much fun would that be to play and watch!!

  5. +Seb On Golf I was wondering. It looks like your putting stroke has more of an arc to it and was wondering why you use a mallet/face-balanced putter and not a more bladed style.

  6. In scramble you can't finish the hole, like Rick's tap in when Pete still have a chance for birdie, otherwise the score for the hole is done as soon as Rick taps in.

    Also I don't think I have ever seen James play any good when going against the North, even when he was playing with Buzza. James is either too nice to play competitive, or he is intimidate by the competition. James play MUCH better when he plays with his southern buddies.

  7. @Seb On Golf, I think that you're doing a great job as you are. I personally enjoy either style of video, only because I enjoy the playful banter between all involved. For this reason I enjoy all the guys' pages..Peter, Rick, Carter, Fryer, Crossfield and Lockey, James, Buzza and Rory. You all play so well against one another, so you never know who will end up victorious. I myself would love to see you all be able to put together some kind of two day event across the vlogs for charity maybe, surely it would bring out the absolute best in you all.

    Regardless, keep striding forward and may all have a great time! Cheers to you mates!

  8. Been trying to figure out what the hitch with the swing is since the backswing is so fast. That in of itself is not the issue, I mean look at Hedrick. Is Seb stands up at the top and then drops back down?

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