Nike VRS Covert Forged Irons

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Nike VRS Covert Forged Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and PGA professional. Mark hits the 2014 new VRS Covert Forged golf clubs from Nike golf and talks about their power, control and feel. The Covert range feature some powerful design and classic looks that could appeal to many golfers of many different standards. Play your best golf with the best golf equipment for your game, watch Mark’s easy to understand and follow golf videos for a improved golf game.

48 thoughts on “Nike VRS Covert Forged Irons

  1. Hello Mark, the reason they have the word " Forged" on them is so they can up the price to snobbier ( or stupider ) golfers by 15% !

  2. I might be in the minority here but I like the look of these. Look like a worth replacement for when my old skool Mizuno MX300 give up the ghost

  3. No lefty love from nike but that's ok because the apex irons looks better than these. It's the same with all of these bracket of clubs cranked loft and a longer shaft the number on it does not mean what it meant in years past.

  4. Hi mark,
    I've decided to buy a new set of clubs this year and have been holding out for the new nike sets to come out to go and try them, alongside some of the taylormade's and mizuno's so was pleased to see your review. They really do look like nice clubs, and hopefully they are as user friendly as they look….

  5. So did you not like the shots in the video enough to have them as slow-motion but had to hit 20 more to find shots good enough for slow-motion? 😀

  6. Thank you as always for your reviews and thoughts. You had enjoyed the RBZ Tours which is my current set. How do you see these in comparison?

  7. Thanks for all of your exciting videos… do u record your slowmotions later on with a better cam? Cuz ur hitting divots are way more in the slowmotion than before 😉 found a secret 😉

  8. I want a more forgiving cast club, to similar to forged. Not a forged iron, to feel cast. I think I'll be looking towards Ping i25.

  9. 2nd the request to do a comparison between these and the old non forged vrs covert irons. BTW great video as always Mark

  10. Hi Mark, nice vid and think this is a big year for Nike Golf as making some good stuff (loving my Covert 1.0 hybrid at the moment).
    Surely the reason they put forged on the club is the manufacturing process compared to their cast offerings? Some people will buy into that (less imperfections in the making etc) but very interesting that they don't feel forged compared to say a Mizuno forged set.

  11. I am not sure I understand why there is a need with some golf club companies to make strong lofted clubs. For several years now we have been told "Get rid of your 2 and 3 irons and buy hybrids".  Now they are back to making a 2 iron, just stamped 3 or 4 on the bottom.

  12. So that 7 iron is a 6 iron with a number 7 on it, I thin this is silly, lofts and standard length should be standardised, and I can say that coz im 6,4 n dont use standard lengths n lies, but we need a benchmark to work to

  13. @Mark Crossfield I'm a 14 year old guy in love with golf and I have had 3 trainings and one month of practice and my handicap is 36 is that good for me ?? And I'm gonna play a tournament but I always get so nervous do you know anything that can help me with it ?
    Well thank you mark

  14. Forged is just a the process used in manufacturing and nothing to do with feel.The feel on most forgings comes from the metal used.You see manufactures say "made with 1025 carbon steel" or a softer metal.Nike uses a harder thinner carpenter steel for the face which gives it the harder feel and hotter performance.Still a forged iron just made with firmer metal.

  15. For everyone who says these are jacked lofts and longer than normal…please check specs these irons are standard length…and only one degree stronger than standard in most clubs… NOT longer shafts!!

  16. Mark great video as always, I can almost see a new category of irons starting to form: the "forged" distance iron. It would be great to see a comparison video of these irons, callaway apex, and mizuno jpx-ez forged. Thanks

  17. Hey Mark, great videos. I'm a Canadian boy who watches your vids all the time and find them a great help. Can you compare these to both another set and against the cast covert 2.0.. I would love to know how they match up

  18. Hey mark i love all your videos they're all fantastic could you please make one on the new nickent 6dx that we be AWESOME!!!😃😃😄😀😃😄

  19. Would love to see you review the "standard" Nike VRS Covert 2.0 irons (as opposed to these "forged" ones).

    Also, regarding the whole forged thing, I just saw another video where a fellow was interviewing a Nike guy out on the range and he said that they use a "forged 10-20, a softer stainless for the body and hosel," but that they "weld in a high-strength steel faceplate" for ballspeed out of the thinner face. Thought some of you might find that interesting.

    Keep up the great videos!

  20. i actually purchased these irons before watching this video, just interested to see other views on them. i spent most of my day off at american golf and its sister driving range trying a whole load of irons. it was obvious early on it was going to be between the xhot 2's and these covert tours, but really i was convinced before hitting them these were the clubs, they just felt balanced. i hate bottom heavy clubs just like i hate bottom heavy cricket bats. they are forgiving. no one likes getting poor contact on the ball but even if you do, these clubs still send it out there. arguably, if you hit a bad shot you don't deserve the ball to still carry a decent distance but hey ho! good vid as always sir, i like the look, feel, sound, everything apart from two things, one, the price. like anything though decent stuff costs more, and the back cavities, they are hard to clean! 

  21. Just bought these earlier today at my local golf store. I golf almost everyday and average 56 and today played 27 holes and shot 51, 52 and 49. I feel like it helped my game out a whole bunch.

  22. Strong lofts are not bad as long as they launch like a 7 iron should. With all the help modern clubs are getting these days they have to make the lofts stronger or you would launch a 7 like an 8…

  23. I don't hit my irons high. You found these & the cally apex to be long but not particularly high. Should that be concerning for me? I've demo'd the apex & they were a bit lower than I like although they still spun. I didn't find them that much longer than my titleist ap1 712.

  24. Tried these Covert 2 forged. Loved them. Fantastic unique feel. Distance off mis hits was impressive. Thought i would hate the grips– loved them. very different from what i expected. looking down- not chunky.- used  nippon S shaft- nice. play titleist- I'm thinking nike will be in the bag soon.

  25. At 3:26 you can clearly see you editing the strike and the flight, seriously why are you doing this? Why strike the ball then immediately go to a different swing and flight, do you think were stupid? Piss poor editing on this video, good review though.

  26. Hey mark you should start mentioning price in your videos to give the public some ballpark on what they are going to cost. Keap up the goid work keap makin that youtube monnneeeeeyyy

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