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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the latestNIKE VR_S COVERT 2.0 IRONs using GC2 technology. These irons are aimed at the mid-high handicappers and are offering huge levels of forgiveness, easy of hitting and super length. Will these clubs suit your game and make you a better golfer. Watch and see!

25 thoughts on “NIKE VR_S COVERT 2.0 IRON TEST

  1. Hi Rick
    I play off 6, i was using a set of T/Made Pro combo, decided I need a little help in the longer irons, I have demo'd a set of these for 2 weeks against a set of Ap1's  Nike win hands down. I found them easier to hit, shape and the grooves gave fantastic control/spin. The look behind the ball was to me, like my old set, I understand peoples comments regarding the grips but had similar in the 90's on my set of lynx parallax and found ok in the wet to keep dry.
    I now live in the tropical North of New Zealand and had no problems in the heat either. So thanks to your review I am due any day my new set of Nike 2.0's. for me it wasn't the distance it was more about length and side dispertion , your review was spot on. So keep up the great reviews.

  2. Im not sure which to buy, 2.0 or the forged one. What is the main difference between these two? And are the forgiveness the same?

  3. Rick thanks for all your club testing. I have tested many irons that you have and have seen similar good results. My swing is not as good or as fast as yours, but it works well when I have a solid club in my hands with a heavier shaft. I have decided to go with these as they are very consistent and forgiven. I love this dynalite 105 (120gram) shaft. The kick is low so the carry is higher, longer, and so consistent. Thanks again for all your great reviews.

  4. Rick, I just bought a set of these and played them last Sunday. Your review of these irons was spot on. Really like them. Thanks for your reviews.

  5. Hi Rick, watched loads of your videos but can't find anything on Adams XTD irons. Any chance you can get your hands on them and post a video review?

  6. But look at the spin numbers! High 6000s to low 7000s for a 7? That's what the loft jacking does to the club.

  7. Rick, I am a mid handicap. Went in to hit the Callaway Apex CF 16 and loved them. However, I picked the Nike Coverts which added a little more distance to my shot and but a slight less accurate than the Apex. What is your choice?

    Kevin G.

  8. I have hit the newer Vapor irons but have not hit these. These are on special for $299.00 in the states. I am going to give them a try the next time I am in the store.

  9. Saw these on clearance and after watching this video thought why not try them. What a great set of irons. Thanks to you Rick for your input.

  10. I’m a highschool golfer and I played with these for 3 seasons… and I was shooting low to single handicap. They’re are great clubs, but I need more player type clubs. I crushed these… seven iron was 175-185 club my wedges became 130 and down

  11. Dear Rick, I'm from the future, 2020 to be exact. I want to let you know that you are still making videos and have gotten very popular and well known. LOTS of subscribers. Unfortunately, you no longer look like a young Hugh Grant (without the big hair, of course). In fact, you've grown a beard! I know, right! Although your video and reviewing skills are good now, they will be exponentially better when you get to 2020. Anyway, keep up the good work and I'll see you when you get here.
    A friend from the future

  12. Quick question. Does the Nike covert 2.0 iron set for men and woman share the same heads? Perhaps it’s different shafts?

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