Nike Covert Driver 2 0 Tour and Standard

Nike Covert Driver 2 0 Tour and Standard reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the two Nike Covert drivers and talks about which golf club might help you play some great golf and hit more fairways. With the help of GC2 HMT launch monitor mark shows real ball data on the two drivers and talks launch angle, spin rates and distance.

37 thoughts on “Nike Covert Driver 2 0 Tour and Standard

  1. Awesome just when i was ready to get offline this gets uploaded. Awesome video as usual thanks mark!  More on course lessons help a bunch

  2. i've tried the tour shaft preformance head combo the other day and i realyy really liked it. i'm gonna go on the range today and gonna compare it with different shafts and a lauch monitor. curious who's the winner at the end of the day

  3. Interesting, I just watched Rick Shields test the same clubs and he got the tour version 3 yards further compared to the standard version. Not that big of a difference like you got Mark

  4. Hi Mark, I use the Nike VRS covert standard driver set at 9.5 with a stiff shaft and I find it to be the best driver I have ever had. I also have the 3, 5 and 3 hybrid all with stiff shafts, don't think I will change them for a long time now. Since I have been using them I have knocked 6 shot s off my handicap. Not saying it's all down to the clubs but they have certainly helped.

  5. Great video mark.
    I hope you will make a video between the covert 1.0 and the covert 2.0
    Standard and tour.
    That would be a really interesting video

  6. It's amazing how much variability there is in Mark's swings despite how consistent his strikes seem. I'm not sure how much good a fitting would be for a 20 handicap who rarely finds the sweet spot. 

  7. Has the Covert Tour 2.0 knocked the original tour out of the bag? I am like you in that I love the original tour head shape and size, still getting used to the 2.0.

  8. I got the first version of Covert and love it. My cousin bought one and I got a chance to hit it and was impressed. I hadn't hit live balls in months due to the winter and was all over the face and all of them went playable straight. The few I hit out the middle were bombed with a nice high draw. These drivers and woods seem to actually be VERY forgiving. I got a great deal on the old version so I bought it along with the tour 3w. When these drop in price I may consider upgrading. I was put off by the smaller head on the first version tour so I will be interested in giving the 2.0 tour a thump. 

  9. After watching basically all of your recent driver reviews it seems like you get roughly 5 yards more carry out of the Covert 2.0 Tour than the rest of the market. True? Sure seems like it should be your new gamer!

  10. @Mark…Love your work, and with no intention of being rude or disrespectful…but in order to make a good comparison – why not use the same shaft??

  11. Awesome video Mark! Can you do this same test (loved that you used the same shaft in both heads) with the Big Bertha series? 

  12. Hey Guys and Mark, I would like to hear your opinions on something . I have been playing golf for about 4 years now and I have never had a new driver that I bought myself or that had recently come out . I was wondering whether I should buy a new driver or just stick with the one I have until I get more experience ? (I have a decent driver shot ) Any opinion is appreciated . Thanks

    Big fan of your channel.

  13. Hi Mark, I think the comparison between the two drivers should be made using the correct shaft as designed by Nike in each model. If the tour version shaft was the optimum for both models I'm pretty sure Nike would have used it. the Covert shaft has a different balance point, is 10 grams lighter and I suggest chosen to best
    optimize the weight placement and spin of the Covert Head.  

  14. Found the 2.0 standard too be very spiny as well. Haven't had the chance to hit the 2.0 tour. I find my self really wanting to like this driver so I hope the tour can produce similar numbers! I actually hit the bio cell & SLDR 20 years further with similar set ups but the spin was considerably down close to 1700. Where as the 2.0 standard was 3400

  15. Seen these in my local golf shop and I agree with mark, rather the shape of the standard covert to the tour. The grips are terrible. Still undecided between the covert tour 2.0 and the big Bertha

  16. I currently game the Covert 1.0 Tour and also have the 1.0 Performance.  I hit the 2.0 Tour and Performance head tonight and I must say the most notable difference is how much more solid the 2.0 head feels compared to 1.0.   The 2.0 has far less vibration and feedback at contact.  I didn't feel the 2.0 was that much better than the 1.0 but I may make the upgrade later in the year when the hype and price drops!

  17. Tried a nike tour 2.0 today on a gc2 ….my ball speed was 10mph more than the titleist driver I use at the moment and the spin was down to 2100 with a ball speed of 169 adverage. …did not ever think I would use a nike product but this is a good driver

  18. I tried them both on launch monitor against the Ping G25 during a Nike Challenge day. Almost identical numbers for me but since I don't get to play enough I went with the standard and loving it. I did have to reduce the lift from 10.5 down to 9 degrees for ideal launch. It was noticeably longer in carry than the G25 in my test. Hope this helps.

  19. so, being a golf snob I guess. I never in my life would have given Nike a chance as most golfers out there would. I like my titleist clubs and that is that. Well, i have come upon some of your reviews.. I went to a demo day and all brands were there. I got the best numbers and also best service out of the Nike tent. I was truly impressed with the look, the sound and performance of the Nike Covert 2.0 products. I feel bad it took me this long to accept them. I left that day with getting fitted for the 2.0 performance head with a phenom shaft. I even went to hit other clubs, came back just to see and I was hitting the same set up just as good as when I left 30 minutes ago. Needless to say, my Titleist is going up on craigslist. 

  20. I have been a Nike hater for years, tried just about every club and didn't like any of them, played in a scramble with a guy who rented the 2.0 set.  Tried the Covert 2.0 set at 10.5 with a regular shaft and just bombed it.  Bought the driver a few days later and it has been great, refound the 15 or so yards I had lost the last couple of years and hit fairway after fairway.  It's the first regular shaft I have played in almost 40 years.  Impressive club, the funny thing is I tried both on the launch monitor over the winter and discarded both very quickly.  I have no idea what my spin etc is, it just works.

  21. Just ordered the 2.0 Black performance model during the Black Friday sales here in the US ($192 US with tax and shipping). I like your videos & need a driver that I can keep in or near the fairway as opposed to in the woods. Can't wait to test it out.

  22. I live in Buenos Aires, and I have one of this monsters. The tour it’s great, I fit it to keep my ball spin correct, so I took it to 11.5 hitting 290 carry. The best thing for me it’s that its not a light driver, this one is heavy and I can feel it.

    Thnx for the help.

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