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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the latest offerings from Nike Golf with this brilliant Covert VRS Hybrid golf club. See how it performs on GC2 launch monitor technology as Rick puts it through its paces on looks, forgiveness, accuracy and distance. Will this golf club improve your golf game and make you a better golf? Stay tuned to find out.

35 thoughts on “NIKE COVERT 2.0 HYBRID TEST

  1. @RickShielsPGAGolf Great objective review Rick as usual.  Can really tell by your reaction that this club's performance very much surprised you 🙂 and why wouldn't at 230+ carry for a 3h that's out there for sure and not that far behind the 3 wood you tested carry distance (wonder how far the 2 iron replacement goes, ha!). It would force you though to look at the gapping distances anew. But maybe that would mean with these clubs for a lot of club golfers it may be better to ditch the 3metal altogether and go 3h & 2h (if they make one that is) if the two's numbers stacked up on top of the 3h, plus you still get carry+height so they will stop and not run through greens, and in general mid, high handicappers hit hybrids off the deck better than a 3metal, as this hybrid a little larger head maybe you could still hit it off a tee okay as well. Little wonder your face was a picture after that 239 strike, nice, ha 🙂 very surprising carry distances for a 3i replacement !!

  2. I'm very excited about trying these new Nike clubs.  I have the older version of the driver.  I'd be interested to know how the normal hybrids/3wood compare to their adjustable lower spinning tour equivalents. 

  3. Wow, this looks to be an impressive club, I was thinking of a driver swap this year but now I'm thinking the G20 hybrid nedds to go.

  4. I just picked up the nike covert 2.0 driver and 3 wood. I have to say that of all the drivers and fairway woods I tested, these had the most forgiveness and lowest dispersion. Fantastic clubs! I also have the apex irons on order (it take an extra 10 days just to add a degree of lie…) Im interested to see what you think about them!

  5. Nice vid again, any chance you can review the KBS C taper shaft with the Titleist Ap2? Comparing flight of the ball.

  6. Best equipment reviews on YouTube, thanks and congrats for the great work. I have a suggestion – I would love to see at some point when you have all of this year's new equipment to test 5-7 drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, etc. and do a high level comparison of each category for the year. With all of the numbers that could really help your followers make purchase decisions. Just a thought….thanks for the great videos!

  7. Alright rick! I've got a bone to pick with you. I already bought the irons after watching your review and after watching your reviews of the driver, wood, and especially this hybrid, I went and tested them and lo and behold – I have only gone and completed the set (plus a nike putter)! I am now considerably less well off financially. If you're not working for nike, you should start. You've certainly done a good job of converting me. These new clubs are phenomenal

  8. Rick, I noticed at the end of this video there is a link to a review for the Callaway Apex irons but I can't find that review anywhere. Is it something that should be up or a review that is coming soon?

  9. I tested it like you told me to! I chose the g25 hybrid though, they are both lovely clubs but I found that the g25 was a bit more forgiving

  10. Decided to order the 2.0 driver and hybrid after testing against Ping I25/G25. Deciding what loft to get, either the 17 or 20 degree. I have a Ping G10 21 degree which i still like so thinking I'll get the 17 as I don't carry any fairway woods. Just a bit concerned i'm making life difficult for myself with the lower loft. Any advice?

  11. Just got this Hybrid after watching Your review Rick. And this hybrid is absolutely superb in forgiveness and distance!! Keep up the great reviews!!

  12. Rick, great reviews and I just subscribed. Sent you a message on your Covert Driver review. Please give it a read and get back with me with your thoughts please. Quite important to me. Keep up the great reviews. Cheers- Bill

  13. @RickShielsPGAGolf  is the 3 wood forgiving in the tour model im a 5 handicap golfer will i be able to use it 

  14. Just revisiting this revue to get the numbers (230yards) I have the previous model and it just keeps getting better with use – I have been used to it hitting it 170-180ish but, last week i really caught one off the tee and it went 203yards – I am still in shock; I only hit my driver 220 yards – it kind of makes my 3 wood surplus to requirements he he (it's really messed up my gapping – sigh)

  15. How would you compare this hybrid with the covert 2.0 5 wood? Which is longer? More forgiving? Does it matter what type of swing you have? Just curious as to your experience. Thanks.

  16. I know this clubs a few years old now but I'm newish to golf and will need quite forgiving clubs, just purchase one of these for £55 after watching this review which I didn't think was bad, hopefully it will help my long game improve, cracking review Rick 👍

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