Nike Covert 2.0 Driver

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Nike Covert 2 0 Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. mark talks about the new 2.0 Nike driver and how it may or may not have improved. Mark is in Spain thanks to YourGolfTravel hitting the red headed driver that he uses in the tour version. This is a 460cc head size with cavity back design, the Nike driver Covert range can be seen on the major PGA tours across the world from players like Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. Play your best golf with simple and easy to understand golf tips, drill, reviews and course vlog golf videos from the AskGolfGuru

44 thoughts on “Nike Covert 2.0 Driver

  1. Another great review Mark!! Love the channel and the vlogs….. Looks like no major change from Nike then visually (unless peformance changes dramatically) another example of a major manufacturer trying to draw every last £ out of its followers?

  2. Hi there, I was wondering that the previous model has been reduced dramatically below $200 in some areas on eBay is it worth purchasing the old or should I go for the new, I currently have a Titleist 913 d3 and am looking for more forgiveness and distance. Any comments will be appreciated

  3. Hi, I have the 5, 3 and driver in the vrs covert range and up to now the best woods I've ever used in the last 6 weeks I have knocked six shots of my handicap ( not saying it's solely down to them) but my game off the. Tee has I proved greatly.

  4. Sounds like a great club interested in hearing just how much extra distance is really gained. I'm using the Callaway razr fit extreme which took a little to get comfortable with at first but am enjoying now, still have my off days where it stays in the bag though!

  5. Looking forward to the comparison with the Tour 2.0 as that's the choice I have at the end of Jan. Especially interested in the handicap range of the Tour 2.0.

  6. i really really do want to go and tryout the nike drivers….. only thing is, if i like it, the past $500 i spent on my last cobra pro limited driver would be wasted!!
    or maybe i could flog it off as a collector item.. lol

  7. Not a fan of how it looks, red & swoosh etc. Wonder if Nike will be bringing out a 'toned' down version for the more traditionalists (like me) even Taylormade in the end brought out black R1 and got shut of the white & went back more 'trad' colourwise with the plethora of SLDRs and new Jetspeed to widen the appeal. Be strange if Nike continue to narrow down their selling opportunities by only offering 'red' versions.

  8. Loving the original covert 460, added about 20 yards from my ping g20 & more forgiving, would like to see it compared to 2.0 👍

  9. Great video Mark, really appreciate what you've been doing and always telling my buds about you. I was hoping maybe you could make a video about how to choose the putter for you or a review of a few of the current putters available. Thanks a bunch

  10. Loving the slomo of the white tee spinning on a perfect perpendicular axis (at 3.41ish), you really do hit them straight don't you Mark!! 🙂

  11. Hi, great video 😉 I was wondering if it would be possible for you to do some reviews on rangefinders such as the Bushnell pro 1m and the Bushnell pro 1m slope?

    Many thanks and keeps the great videos coming 🙂

  12. Hey Mark great video! Do you think you could do a more detailed review on this club and then the tour version? I'm thinking of buying one and I'm looking for a few more details.

  13. Can't wait to see your reviews on the covert 2.0 forged irons and covert 2.0 tour driver! Keep up the great work! Also, saw one of your articles in an European golf magazine state-side! Great work!

  14. My issue with Nike covert is the tour spec clubs look much better than the standard ones. I am not at the level for the tour club, and that puts me off their range.

  15. Yes it does look great I myself am taking the covert 2013 out for the first time on my birthday (01-01-2014) so I'll let you know how it goes .

  16. Hi mark. Great vids, especially like the on course videos. Just wondering since you use the tour version of this clubs previous model if youl be using the tour one of this model to. If so feel free to send me this model here since you won't need it. Nike clubs are so hard to get in australia.

  17. Mark, how do Nike claim 460/430cc (for v1) heads with the cavity in the back? When I hit the tour and standard versions, they seemed the same size as say a Titleist 913. So with a cavity, I assume they are measuring a theoretical size? Cheers.

  18. I've got first edition vrs covert and have used it for a few months now. I'm happy with the numbers I get with it.  If you get any free time from all the holidays you're enjoying courtesy of YGT (lucky sod) it would be nice to see the numbers it's giving you. 

  19. Mark,  I'd like to play the Covert 2.0 if the distance is improved over the original model. Last year I only used my new Covert one month before switching to the RBZ Stage 2 because it gave me 10-15 yards additional distance.  Will the Covert 2.0 provide distance more similar to the RBZ Stage 2? Keep up the great reviews. 

  20. Looking forward to you testing the tour version & also the 2 big Bertha drivers & the Cleveland custom 588 as there the drivers I'm looking at this year

  21. Awesome club. had the series 1 last year, hit it well, just bought the series 2 and wow! big difference, in sound, feel, length. love the look of it too.

  22. can you review the covert 2.0 irons? the high handicapper ones? I am looking for forgiveness irons and you have done a review for all options except the nikes.

  23. Thanks for another great review. I have been playing this club for 2014. Planning a switch to G30 irons for 2015. Should I consider switching from the Covert 2.0 to a G30 driver? Cannot find a head to head on those clubs. Thanks.

  24. Original covert tour model was too hard to hit for mid handicapper. Considering the 2.0 covert standard model but im not sure as i do need more forgiveness. Went from 15 to 17 last year. The original tour model sucked the confidence out my game so I reverted back to my old driver. Do not buy tour model unless you have a low handicap.

  25. I got this just a while ago since it's on sale now at 170 bucks here in Canada. I tested it indoors on Flightscope. I liked how it felt. Brought it right away to the range was I was blown away with the performance. Easy to hit, good distance. It is just so consistent for me. I have been struggling with the driver ever since I started playing golf and this is the first driver ever that I have felt confident to really hit. I usually am erratic with my driving which causes my score to balloon. I guess this should take care my inconsistencies. And I just ordered an SLDR Mini to solve this problem, but the Nike Covert 2.0 might be the key. BUT we shall see when I bring it to the course.

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