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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests and reviews the latest NIKE COVERT 2.0 DRIVER using GC2 launch monitor technology. The NIKE COVERT 2.0 DRIVER is aimed for all golfers offering forgiveness and distance. Will this club help improve you game and lower your scores?

38 thoughts on “NIKE COVERT 2.0 DRIVER TEST

  1. Too high of spin on this one for me. Gotta say in my opinion the Cobra bio cell is much better. Very forgiving and much less spin in my own testing. You will probably need to hit it at 9 degrees because it does launch high. Excited for that review as well. Cheers!

  2. Too high of spin on this one for me. Gotta say in my opinion the Cobra bio cell is much better. Very forgiving and much less spin in my own testing. You will probably need to hit it at 9 degrees because it does launch high. Excited for that review as well. Cheers!

  3. I think you will get less spin from the tour version because it has a better shaft,the new thing on the bottom is called fly brace,also tour version is now 460cc so is on my radar along with 588 custom & the 2 big Berthas which I hope you will test

  4. @RickShielsPGAGolf Good review & information there. Just looking at your numbers there looks to me that the shaft is not a match for you maybe with where you put the greatest load on it, especially as regards the spin-rate. If you caught those at dead centre or lower you're also going to put a bit more spin on them than hit slightly above CG anyway, wonder if the cavity affected that. Would be interesting to see whether a shaft fitting with this or with the tour head got you any better numbers or whether it is just more to do with the stiffer cavity. Did you feel you just had a slight pull going on for those shots, if not, maybe that shaft is just a little more flexible & not quite as 'true' stiff as you're used too. Not my favorite club maker by a long way, and still don't like the color or where the 'swoosh' is, but realize lost of folks will.

  5. Good video, Rick. I'm loving the look of the Tour version but I suspect it'll probably be too low spinning for me (85-90 MPH Swing, High Handicapper) so I'm looking forward to hitting this to see how it matches up to my Performance 1.0. Would be interested to get your opinion on the new grips though.

  6. Very good measurements for a great-looking club… have you tested the Cobra Bio Cell driver yet? I'd love to hear your opinions and see how far it can go 🙂

  7. Great review Rick.  What was the avg total distance?  The old screen used to show the ball flight and total distance.   How about a rematch with the TM Slider now that the Covert 2.0 is out?  Also would love to see a match with the Covert 2.0 and Big Bertha Alpha.

  8. Enjoy your vids.When you test the tour version can you test the different loft settings like you did with the SLDR.Be interesting to see the carry and spin numbers.I liked the covert tour from last year and would like to know if the 2.0 is even more forgiving.Thanks again.

  9. Hi Rick.  What's your opinion on the sound of the 2.0 driver vs the 1.0 driver? The v1 driver is the loudest driver I've ever heard, and people still comment on it when I tee off on the 1st!   Have Nike improved this at all?

  10. Is it really that much better than the previous version? Because I think the original covert driver is awesome & has improved my game tenfold!

  11. Nice review Rick
    Bought the tour version last week and love it. Heard rumours it's a real deal shaft too. Can you confirm?

  12. Hi rick

    Great vids

    Any chance you will be reviewing the new ping i25 driver in the near future with possible comparisons to the nike covert.?


  13. Very interesting all your videos. I have already tried the driver nike covert and really like, is actually better the new version 2.0. What are the main differences?. There really improvement in the distances?. Thank you very much.

  14. Can you do the Nike covert 2.0 vs the original verson if the nike covert driver, i am thinking about getting one but im not sure if the 2.0 is worth the extra money

  15. Hey rick I have a quick question I ordered this driver but I curve right. If I put it on left setting will that straighten up my drive?

  16. When are we getting a review on the cricket bat in the background then Rick? What is it?…Gray Nichols?County?

  17. Just got mine not too long ago. theres is no question that this driving has absolutely enhanced my driving. Farther & more accurate for sure. I love this driver. I should point out that fitting for the correct shaft was huge too.

  18. Hello! Love your videos! Really enjoy seeing the clubs used and the feedback. You mentioned doing a review of Covert vs Covert 2.0. Is that going to happen, or do you have any thoughts? The Covert 1 is on sale at quite a few locations, but is the extra money worth the upgrade to 2.0? Thanks!

  19. Please do a video with using the flex loft as to help us golf guys who can't really afford the lessons but constantly fade an slice.

    I've found with my driver set left at 9.5 (I would slice 3/5 balls set neutral) that I have a very very slight slice now but, can hit 250-300 yards pretty straight now.

  20. Question. Rick, thanks for the great reviews. I have been hitting this club with the stiff shaft, Flexloft set to left at 10.5 degrees. For 2015 I am getting fit for a set of Ping G30 irons. I watched your reviews of the G30 driver. Do you recommend that I consider switching from the Covert 2.0 to a G30 ? Cannot find a head to head on those two clubs. Thanks

  21. I just ordered one of these brand new off amazon yesterday, can't wait for it to come in! I like these over the vapors.

  22. I got this driver a few weeks ago and this is the only driver that I can consistently hit. So easy to hit, it's like cheating. I have tried a lot of drivers in the last three years and this is the best so far for me. I love the grip, the weight is perfect for me, the feeling and the sound when I hit the ball, everything is very much ok for my preference.

  23. Just bought the full set, D, 3W, 5W, & a 5H rescue. These video reviews were enormously helpful. Thanks so much for posting these! I love these clubs!!

  24. I agree I got mine on a xstiff tini silver kuro kage set at 11.5 and cuts through the wind 2400-2900 spin

  25. Chi Rick l play off 22 looking at the Nike covert my wing is about 80 same as my age looking for a driver what would you recommend I hit my driver about 180 could do with a little bit forgivnes

  26. How do the nike drivers compare to some of the newer drivers out. I'm interested in seeing if they still stack up.

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