Never Forget Who You Are 

From left: Kennedy, Stephen and Copelyn Carroll

As Americans recently gathered with family to give thanks for the bounty of riches we’ve had laid at our feet, it’s good to remember that life’s struggles, big and small, have a purpose. They make us stronger, more appreciative, and they provide us with the tools to help others. That’s easy to forget, especially when you immerse yourself in the comings and goings of a genteel game.

Then, occasionally, a story comes along to remind you.

When asked to summarize her standing at the moment, Kennedy Carroll, a sophomore on the women’s golf team at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, doesn’t hesitate. “I’m a late bloomer in golf,” she said. “But maturity-wise, I’m a little bit ahead of the game.”

There is good reason for both.

Kennedy Carroll says she’s a late bloomer in golf, but maturity-wise, she’s “a little ahead of the game.”

To get a sense of what her life has been like in and out of golf, Carroll tells a story that goes back to 2015, not long after her 15th …

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