In this video we teach you how to hit your driver dead straight.

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PGA Professionals Pier Ward and Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf explain how to find the slot on the downswing to help hit more straight drives


  1. It's funny, I would take straight 140yards any day of the week.

    But when I try and baby it off the tea, I get miles of slice haha

  2.  WOW ! Awesome video guys. Thank you! In the last 2 years I have watched several driving videos and most people talk about curing the slice and how the right hand should roll over and end above the left hand at the end, however, with a wrong plane doing this hand role-action to perfection may give you a straight shot only about 30% of the time and you still are all over the course. But with the correct plane as in your video, I began not only hitting straight, but way way further (+50 to 80 yards) because I now can release my swing with a swish (which I found in another video- increasing club speed with an effortless swing using the wrist action) and not worrying  if I'd slice or top it/hit the ground etc. I'm getting atleast 12 – 15 holes on the green now PLUS the distance. Marvelous guys. Really appreciate the video. ! 🙂 GREAT JOB !

  3. Very good practice drill.  I would pull out the stick ( no noodle cover) and practice a bit the feel before it was my turn to drive when playing with my friends. Then I would go up and imagine the stick and i hit pretty good one day. Out of 14 drives, 13 stayed on the fairway 

  4. i will try this after work today. i think this might be my problem because my Golf balls flies far to the right ending up on another fairway .. i connect the ball very good by its never straight..

  5. These guys do some good stuff, not a big fan of this drill though. Its too generalised, if for example someone is coming over the top due to some head movement turning left at the start of the downswing – quite a common thing many people don't pick up on – this drill will simply build in a compensation to pull the arms in or lay the club inside with the wrists or right elbow effectively giving them 2 x errors compensating each other, which can be quite unstable and produce different ball flights in different situations – such as when under pressure as opposed to when on the range. A bit too hit and miss, always best to fix the cause than add a quick fix

  6. Awesome videos
    Just on day 2 I was able to hit 5 out of every 10 balls in right direction and a sense of hitting it the right way….
    I used a iron 7 and was doing in the 125 yards mark quite often….The last I went to a golf range was last year….so pretty much so much accomplished in day 1….feels just right…

    Can't thank you guys enough….love your videos….

  7. some days ill pipe all my drives 250+ straight as an arrow.. next day i only hit 5/18 fairways 🙁 very hard game to play but golf is fun as hell

  8. Any chance you can make a video on aiming the driver? I feel I have a hard time recognizing my misses, aside from completely missing the fairway. It's not like playing a tee shot with an iron; I have a more focused approach to my target as the ball travels a shorter distance compared to a driver. I normally set up to play a draw, and if I hit the fairway, then job well done I suppose. But I'd like to be able to set a more focused target with my approach shots in mind (e.g. being on the optimal side of the fairway to attack the pin).

  9. how should i be holding my driver when it is on the ground before my backswing? and how what angle should the face be

  10. Thanks Guys Excellent visual! I have tried to use the aid at practice but when I come from under the Aid by flight is straight right with fade! DEATH!! What is my swing thought to square up the face? Thanks

  11. Terrific simple video about backswing and downswing position and plane fundamentals. Love these tips. Keep e, coming guys. Nick from Melbourne.

  12. Hey Guys, watch your videos all the time from the US. Really great stuff and you make it (relatively) simple.

  13. You guys are just too awesome! I've been away from golf for over 18 years and now am getting back at it. I got my fundamentals down from the grip all the way to the swing. Couldn't ask for better "coaches" 🙂

  14. im a beginner golfer i love your videos you and my dad help me get better also how do i keep my arms straightall time when driving

  15. how do I send you guys videos to do my swing analysis? could really use some pointers. I've been playing for 6 months and shooting in the high eighties to mid nineties.

  16. Thanks for sharing this. Helps a lot. Good drill! Could you also please help explain and possibly create a drill for hip turn during long iron and driver?

  17. I've played on and off 15 years, and never knew til these awesome guys that I learnt my grip was wrong. Really helpful and easy to understand

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