Mizuno MP54 Nike VR Pro Combo Irons

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Mizuno MP54 Nike VR Pro Combo Irons reviewed and compared with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the Mizuno MP54 forged irons and hits them up against the Nike VR Pro Combo irons and talks about the difference between the two clubs and who they might suit. With the help of GC2 HMT launch monitor Mark shows real ball data from the two golf clubs and shows distances, spins and heights of the two golf clubs. Play your best golf with the best clubs for your golf game.

35 thoughts on “Mizuno MP54 Nike VR Pro Combo Irons

  1. Wow!……. I'm off to buy the Mizunos then! 😉 :o:o

    Perhaps… a bit of substantive reasoning might help back up your statement and explain to other readers + watchers why you are of this opinion. Otherwise it looks as though you're about 9 with the golfing knowledge of an amoeba……
    Just a thought for consideration before you next post on this (normally) very knowledgable forum. 🙂

  2. Mizuno guy at heart probably because I like the sound & feel am definitely changing my much loved but old now MP33's this autumn & lot's of new irons about now & honestly MP4's favourite but am going on GC2+HMT to hit MP4's, AP2 714's, new pro nike's and although not forged going to hit the S55's too as I like the look of them but in the end probably hard to move away from the forged Mizuno MP line, if they're about will try new Callaway's Apex Pro due out about now too. Lots of new toys!!! 🙂

  3. I am a pretty good player and looking for new clubs. I play to a 2 handicap. I have hit blades and am Able to strike them quite well. I'm wondering if I should go with a full set of blades (P-3) or a combo MB (P-7) AP2(6-3). Any advice you can offer?

  4. range balls go the same distance as normal balls e.g today i played and used one for a hole, im 15 and hit my 7 iron 170 yards and that range ball went that distance

  5. The range balls (yellow color) that Mark is using are limited flight golf balls (due to the limits of his driving range), so they do not go the same distance as a normal golf ball.

  6. I get fed up with some of the people saying stuff like 'I'm 10 and hit my 9 iron 190' no you don't. Mark is a pro who is 'sneaky long' so don't think you hit it further when you're 15! Jason right about the balls, they're 30% less balls I think!

  7. I had nike combos and they were great but I got rid of them because they were not as long as I wanted them to be. After a set of I 20s rzar x forge and Mp 54s it is all about loft and shafts. A better comparison is when the club has the same loft and shaft which effects flight and distance. If the nikes were bent 1* strong with the same shaft the flight and distance would be same. Expensive lesson

  8. I'd say this is a runaway with the Mizuno. Efficiency at generating ball speed vs club speed is 1.36… much better than the Nike.

  9. Mizuno has simply been making golf clubs longer (1933), Nike started in 2001 when Tom Stiles was hired. Heritage was probably the wrong word to use in his reference as Mizuno heritage was similar to Nike

  10. I tried both with extensive testing and found the Mizuno mp 54 had a sweeter feel, slightly longer and much better results on mishits with mid and long irons. I put the KBS Tour shafts in them and believe it is the best club that I have owned….love em..

  11. Thanks mark!! Based on you great review I tested both of these clubs last week and found the Mizuno mp 54 was a little longer, a little more forgiving but to me it was the feel that won me over the nike be pro (new version). So I placed an order for the mp 54 with a KBS Tour shaft.

    Thanks again for the review.

  12. noticed you mentioning the distance differences without mentioning that the mizunos  have stronger lofts. that would explain the extra yards… love the vids!

  13. Thanks Mark, I went to a demo days of Mizuno and NiKE expecting to buy the 54 or 825 pro or Ez forged based on your videos but found I liked the Nike just that much more. I thought the Nike clubs felt as good as the Mizzis but cut through the turf better. I'm enjoying the DGpro shaft as well. They are very accurate irons. I'm loving the new Nike high bounce wedges as well.

  14. I have both sets and the Nikes are more forgiving, but the Mizunos feel better. Mizunos for me are a half club longer.Nike was getting their stride with these quality irons, but they got too funky too fast after 2014 and a lot of golfers didnt bite. I have a set od Vrs Covert Forged 2s that are awesome. I couldn't get into the next generation of Nike offerings. I will never sell the 2014 Pro Combos, or the VRs Covert 2 Forged clubs.

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