Mizuno MP 4 Irons

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Mizuno MP 4 Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Mark hits the new grain flow forged iron from Mizuno golf and talks about its new design and feel. play your best golf with equipment that allows you to hit greens and shoot low scores. The MP-4 bladed golf iron from Mizuno golf is the latest in their impressive iron history watch as Mark hits the club and talks through some of the features that might help your golf game.

33 thoughts on “Mizuno MP 4 Irons

  1. Currently using a very old Taylormade MB. Tried the MP4 today, phenomenal feel off the face and such a well finished club head. May have to invest.. 

  2. These are not that hard to hit guys come on. People are always freaking out about "blades" being too unforgiving. See that big muscle pad along the back??? I actually find these to be the most forgiving mp irons I've played from mizuno so give em a hit

  3. Tired of hearing these called "better player irons." They're obviously not for your average weekend warrior, though they are easier to hit than those toaster sized "game improvement" irons when an obnoxious amount of offset. The biggest question when deciding between cavity backs and blades is whether or not you'll be playing competitive golf or a large amount of golf in pressured situations. I would rather have cavitys for tournament golf and blades for a leisurely round at my home club. Giving up forgiveness is also a big plus for learning how to better control the ball and to improve ball striking in general. 

  4. I thought I was dying to get the mp69s, but when I saw these I fell in love.  I game the mp59s and would only give them up for these. I have not hit these yet, but I am sure they just build on the mp69s. I will probably wait a year or two before giving up the mp59s so they can build on groove technology and give me some time to save up for them.

  5. I'm running a mixed set. MP33's (PW – 7 iron), MP52's (6 – 3 iron), and T-Zoid True (2iron). Love em' all. I've tried to run the full MP33 set, but I'm more consistent and get smoother contact with the MP52's in the longer irons. The T-Zoid True is OLD…but butter off the tee, and not difficult to get up in the air either. I happen to have an uncanny ease of hitting the long irons(with practice). Don't believe the "better players irons"…you shouldn't be a beginner, but they will make you improve your game for sure. You'll notice yourself "shooting" golf "shots" and not just swinging away. Shot an 84 on par 72 at Bear Creek West course in Dallas, TX on last outing.

  6. Went to get fitted for clubs today.  I was initially going in thinking I wanted the MP-54 because of my handicap of 13.  The fitter let me take the MP-4, 64 and 54 to the range.  I was amazed at how well I hit the MP-4.  Its like I have never played golf correctly until I hit these iron.  Needless to say…I bought the MP-4s

  7. Out of the blue I got my hands on a set! Unbelievable luck I didn't was possible. Will be replacing my Mp57s, which r very solid. But the Mp 4 are a work of art and best looking clubs I've ever seen! It's like owning an exotic sports car. Why not have great looks as well as performance? I've hit with them several times and the performance blew my mind! Solid feel and sound, even longer than my 57's. Forged is king…gave up cast irons years ago.

  8. My partner plays off a handicap of 3 has tried these irons & loved them. Did not find them hard to hit but is still unsure as many people say bladed irons are too hard to play with. Any advise gladly welcome. 

  9. Im gutted, was looking to buy a set of MP4`s this week only to find out for some reason Mizuno don't make them for left handed players. Anyone know why this might be???
    I`ve been using MP60`s for the last 4-5 years and love them, my game has come on so well using them, playing single figures now. Help anyone???

  10. This Guy gives good,free Advice. It's for you to make the choice! Take it for how it's meant, don't like it? Go elsewhere, he's only trying to to point you…..

  11. Just bought a slightly used set, kbs tour stiff shafts for half of retail. The feel is like butter. The smaller head in the 8-pw is GREAT around the green, loads more feel in bump and run shots. Was playing the mp59's with kbs c taper stiff shafts. Might keep the mp59 4 iron in the bag, just a little more distance and forgiveness.  

  12. do any of the pga pros you see on tv not use bladed irons?, I mean if they all do, it seems it would be the right club for any aspiring good golfer to learn to hit

  13. I purchased a set of MP4s from Pitching Wedge down to 6 Iron and then MP 15s from 5 Iron to 3 Iron about 2 weeks ago. I have no handicap however I am very sports orientated and I have a thorough understanding of the game of golf. Speaking from my experience, Im putting in the time and the effort with a PGA professional to learn how to hit these clubs out of the middle as often and consistently as possible. I find that although I truly do feel bad shots out of the toe in my wrists and all the way up to my shoulders, shots out of the middle aren't overly difficult to come by and when they do it feels amazing. If you are unsure about buying a set of MP4s ask yourself do you have the time and dedication to learn how to use these clubs? If you are a casual player and can't spend much time practicing your ball striking than a more forgiving club is probably best. However if you are like me and you can put in the time on the range and on the course than there is nothing to say in my opinion that you can't play some fantastic golf with these even if you aren't a professional. I am totally in love with my MP4s the way the ball just seems to hang up in the air after being well struck is so satisfying and needless to say they just look incredible in the bag and in the hands. I hope my opinion may be of some help to someone out there.

  14. Just purchased these clubs last week and I absolutely love them! I will say Iv been playing my whole life and have lots of experience with playing blades but these are like none other that Iv played.. You get instant feedback if you miss hit the ball and a feeling like no other if you make good contact.. There is no room for error..This club is for the purist golfer! Highly recommended blades for the above average golfer

  15. Hi mark , I agree with you fully I use the mp69 blades and I absolutely love them , when its struck out the middle . The workability of the mizinos are on another level. Check my video and lemme know what you think

  16. Mark, what leads you to believe that you don't strike the ball well enough to play these? From here it, looks like you pured every one of those. You have a great swing, and it is very consistent too. Even if you're not striking the ball well every time, these teach you to. That's the beauty of them.

    I have been a blade enthusiast as long as ive been in golf. They are incomparable to any other club in my opinion. The feel is amazing, and they're the best teachers in golf. And regarding blade irons, i think the mp4 is the greatest one ive ever swung. The feeling is just so solid. When you catch one pure, it's that "great contact" feeling we're all chasing, multiplied by 100.

    I need a set of these, and i personally think you shouldn't negate these clubs simply because you don't believe right now that you can hit them well enough. I really think you can, and should play these. They're the best possible.


  17. I've just bought a set of these second hand, I'm off around 18 at the moment (and currently play MP52) but strike my irons pretty well. I'm interested to see what results I get with these.

    I mainly bought them because of the looks (and because I got a decent price).

  18. To be honest not much MP4 are just newer so therefore would have a slightly larger sweet spot . But we talking small . The bigger difference is between the mp5 and MP4 , the mp5 lean towards a semi blade with the players look

  19. Its 2018 now. You think I should purchase a set of these? Since the new ones are out of my price range! Am I missing out on performance?

  20. This are one of the best irons that mizuno has produced. I also played mp68, mp5 , MP64 , mp62 and mp 33 . Mp4 are by far the best all around irons when it comes to feel , looks and playability . They are longer then any of the above mps that I played and go through the turf like hot knife through butter. They will be in my bag for a long time. They will be the standard for the mp line from now on.

  21. Just bought a mint second hand set of MP4 irons because I always wanted blades but was told they were too hard to play with…….. wrong. I love them and have put my JPX850 forged in the attic. I’m a 11 handicap player. I even love the 4 iron 😃

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