Midnight Golf in Iceland

How many times in your life can you say that you played a round of golf at 2 AM? Join Erik Anders Lang and team for a completely unplanned trip throughout Iceland. Get ready for spontaneous midnight golf adventures, sunrise hot tubs, screaming arctic birds, french fries with mayo – you name it, we tried it! Part Two… To be continued.

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41 thoughts on “Midnight Golf in Iceland

  1. This is fantastic but all I can think of in the northern parts of the words is Lofoten links, that place is so stunning. Lofoten links is still my favorite video you’ve ever made.

  2. I got engaged in Iceland so I have fond memories of the place! Went in winter, I think an anniversary summer trip (plus golf clubs) should happen, right?!

  3. As much as this was an unplanned excursion for RGC, the energy/flow of this quarter film carries the same unplanned etiquette. It's one thing to capture an adventure , but its another to capture the audience in its own aimless journey. Beautifully crafted, my sir

  4. ERIK my friends and I went to Iceland last summer and we stayed in the EXACT same airbnb lol I was watching this video and my jaw dropped when i saw your room lmao, please tell me you guys played Brautarholt while you were there!!! was such a sick course

  5. The birds are called “Kría” in Icelandic, crazy how you don't even flinch with them being there, I personally can't play that course cause of em.

    Can't wait for the next episodes, when are they coming out? Hoping you'll play at my club…

    Love the content Erik. You absolute höfðingi (King).

  6. Serious Question as I serious don´t know but will you get in trouble playing a course outside of the opening times if they "catch" you ?

  7. Me and the girlfriend went Iceland a couple of years ago to see the northern lights. It was cloudy 😠
    Drove for 3 hours in hurricane winds on pitch black roads with no lights, round mountains for a clear patch, guess what? still cloudy! 😠😠😠

  8. Refreshing to see a video that isn't full of placed promotions (explicit or subtle) and the OG crew just doing what they love. This feels genuine, and from the heart, something that has been lacking (for me anyways) from recent content…. know we all have bills to pay, but man this feels much more real, with true friends doing what they love. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Imagine just having footage of a trip to Iceland from 2 years ago, just sitting there. Like you've been on so many golf trips.

  10. Great to see Colt again and nice to see Stu in the vid. What a country, it has to be done, straight north from here (and everywhere else in the world !)

  11. 🎼Everyone told me not to golf on that beach. Said seagulls gonna come, knock me in the coconut – and they did.
    And they did. 🎶

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