Media: Karl interview by Channel 7 in 2008 @ Age 6

Age 6. Karl was interviewed by Australia’s Channel 7;s Today Tonight program prior to him leaving to compete in the 2008 US Kids World Golf Championships.

It’s worth noting that prior to Karl’s first attempt at the world championships we set up his local course to the yardages that would mimic the course used for his age division at the Worlds, so we had a reasonable idea that he would be competitive before we left. All parents should do that, as seeing some of these kids shooting high scores is embarrasing to all concerned, but particularly to the player.

This was to be his first attempt at competing at an international level. He finished in 7th place. He has since won the World Championships at ages 7, 9 & 10.

Karl’s website is, where his latest results, video and info are constantly updated.

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