Me Against TWO TOUR PROS!!!│Amy Boulden & Olivia Cowan Course Vlog

I square off against Amy Boulden and Olivia Cowan of the Ladies European Tour ahead of the Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic.

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48 thoughts on “Me Against TWO TOUR PROS!!!│Amy Boulden & Olivia Cowan Course Vlog

  1. just started watching….but not sure how you're going to find pepperoni in Dubai Pete! Hope the group likes cheese!

  2. Speak to the camera like we the viewers are your friends. Do you speak to your parents using that weird tone? You present like some cheesy morning radio DJ and it’s so annoying.

  3. Nice vid, always enjoyable. Have to say my daughter always enjoys watching the Ladies/Girls kick your ass. lol.

  4. I love how they put that noisy race course there, just so you don't forget that Dubai is by far and away the most awful place on the planet.

  5. Another misleading title Mr Finch 😁😁
    Well done though as it must of been hard playing against 2 tour professionals love the videos NEXT please 👍👍🏌️‍♂️⛳😎

  6. LOL !!!!! I like pizza !!! he says , dont worry Pete if you do pizza like you do golf your guaranteed a huge slice !!! keep it up , proper enjoy your channel…………from Mike and Sue in sunny France

  7. The ladies will probably win!! Looks like it was a fun round. But I think playing a round with Pete has to be a fun. Amy and Olivia are really cool too!! Course looks awesome as well!!

  8. I've said it before, seems like every time you talk your way through a shot, it works out almost perfect.
    Case in point, your last chip of the match.

    Good fun though. I really like videos of the golf under the lights. Super cool

  9. Love watching the ladies play, they have such grace and precision, club golfers could learn a lot from watching more ladies golf

  10. Mr finch in Dubai with two lovely women who can both play golf which is even lovelier yeah lovelier, you are living the dream great video hope we still get content from you in 2nd lock down, 🤞🏻 and all and everyone on this channel is safe and well 👊🏻🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️

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