May 5 Sunday Club 75 Gross

Date Played: Sunday 5th May 2013
Event: Sunday Club Member’s Competition
Yardage: 6316 Yards
Par: 72

Played from the shorter Mens White Tees for a change instead of the longer Blue Tees, Karl (largely) took advantage of coming into the Greens with less club, converting 4 Birdies for the round.
A few 3-Putts early on in the round due to being overly aggressive with some initial Birdie opportunities put a dampener on what was otherwise an excellent round.
Looking in good shape for July.
Karl’s website is, where you can also see what’s in his bag.

31 thoughts on “May 5 Sunday Club 75 Gross

  1. Just basic drills such as having to sink all 6 balls from a 3ft radius around the hole, then taking it out an extra 6 inches until all 6 are sunk, etc. It builds focus and pressure.
    Karl only hits 50 balls at the range, but at least a hundreds chips using similar quality balls to those he plays with so as to get a similar feedback in regards to check/spin, etc.

  2. I noticed at 2:21 one of Karl's playing partners is wheeling his buggy across the green. Is this allowed at that course?

  3. I like Karl's game a lot. I only have one tip of advice for him that will increase his game by a ton. When your at home, look into a mirror and practice that fist pump. Work on that daily with about 10 reps and your set.

  4. In typical condition he averages 235. Yesterday evening we went out to work on his Par 3's and on the way back we played the 390 yard 9th. There was no wind and it was sunset. Karl's normally hitting into a headwind on that hole, but with no wind last night Karl "crunched" his Drive 265 and was left with just a 125 yard PW into the Green rather than a typical fairway wood.
    That Drive was an exception though, and a good 20-30 yards longer than usual.

  5. Do you get annoyed of all the people asking how far he hits his driver even though in every video description you put the website for people? Lol

  6. I can tell Karl keeps his head and keeps his mishits in play, thats how he scores, what a great golfer, truly wish him luck this year!

  7. Nick, that would take 45 minutes to watch. We uploaded every shot from the Junior World's Final round last year, and that takes 30 minutes to watch all 54 shots. These rounds here in Australia are between 73-80 shots. Go do the math.
    The reason why the these are "Highlight packages" is just that, because they're the highlights from each round. The last time I checked, the PGA Tour does the same with its Highlight Packages from each day's play.

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