MATTHEW WOLFF vs ME AND MY GOLF | The MOST UNIQUE Golf Swing On Tour – In this weeks video, we take on Matthew Wolff, in a one hole match! It was a great laugh filming this and was even better to have more of an insight into Matthew Wolff’s unique golf swing, as well as hearing how he approaches a golf hole.

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22 thoughts on “MATTHEW WOLFF vs ME AND MY GOLF | The MOST UNIQUE Golf Swing On Tour

  1. Hope you enjoyed the video guy’s! Great to film with Matthew and see his golf swing up close again! One thing that impressed us was his attitude, how successful do you think he can be?🤔🏌️‍♂️⛳️

  2. Love the video as always. Well jealous as stuck in blighty, in lockdown, courses closed, freezing cold, I guess you guys, golf mates and Finchy will all be in isolation on return so no vids for a while, never mind hopefully the rest of us will be out by then.

  3. Seems a right nice kid does Matt !
    Close your eyes though and listen , and its David Schwimmer explaining how he plays the game ! 😂

  4. The golf world is going to start seeing more of Gankas's student's, it's going to be fun to watch. Wolff seems like a good kid, I always seem to be rooting for him.

  5. Enjoyable video. Play strategy as explained by MW is worth a lot. Asking questions from viewer while walking is also good use of video time. Well done.

  6. So Andy is human after all lmao. Love the top. We've all been there. But only Andy tops it in front of Matt Wolfe after out driving him 😂😂😂. Awesome video guys

  7. Great video, I took up golf in July and since then I’ve managed to get down to 10 having never played before…. I don’t know if this is right or wrong I take my line from the green and play away from the trouble. I’ve been getting lessons on the regular, I have a swing speed of 112 with a driver and a carry of 280 but I have a high levels of fast twitch muscle fibres and my background is in sports science so I understand the mechanics of a swing, decent with irons but what kills me is 50 yards in, any tips?

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