Masters Memories & Gear Talk With Tiger Woods | TaylorMade Golf

Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation, which as filmed back in 2019, between @trottiegolf and Tiger Woods. The two cover everything, from Tiger’s historic 2019 Masters triumph, to equipment changes and what Tiger’s eye prefers and a whole lot more.

37 thoughts on “Masters Memories & Gear Talk With Tiger Woods | TaylorMade Golf

  1. Great to see chris Trott doing an amazing interview with great questions ⛳️👍👍from corky from the Wirral 👍👍

  2. You can talk about records etc but this is by far the best version of tiger as a human being that we’ve seen which further cements his legacy as one of if not the greatest player ever

  3. I was never a tiger woods fan growing up. I rooted against him. Watching the man he has become has been fun for me to watch. This was a great episode

  4. emotional at the end. trottie had me welling up. the guy is simply the greatest. i cannot wait until his own book comes out. GOLF, THE GREATEST GAME OF THEM ALL.!!!!!!

  5. for the younger guys who may not recognize the reference: "dead nuts flush." Nuts referring to the screws that were inserted in the center of the face of old Persimmon Wood Drivers.

  6. Trottie, another great Podcast, I know I’ve personally been waiting for this since the podcasts first came out, and you said just wait on it. Masters Week, couldn’t be better!

  7. As a Tiger fan and a poor golfer this is a great interview and my mouth Drewls for a bag that has the m2 wedges and either the tiger irons, MC's, Cobras MiM irons and a Sim driver

  8. Interviewer needs credit here, the questions were brilliant. Didn't play it safe and got some awesome information from the best sportsman to ever live!

  9. So cool to hear from an absolute legend. 15 majors and counting! We are coming for you Jack! Tiger will finish with 20 majors and 10 senior majors.

  10. Question about grips and tape how do you know what is the best for you personally like is there a place you can get fit for that type of stuff

  11. When Tiger shouts out one of your home courses from the city you grew up in, it’s amazing. Shout out to Long Beach and Tiger being one of our local heroes here

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