Mar Menor Golf Resort 3 Hole Golf Game

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Mar Menor Golf Resort 3 Hole Golf Game with Mark Crossfield, AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza and the YourGolfTravel boys. Watch as the 4 golfers play around this great Spanish golf resort, hitting drivers, irons into greens and trying to hole birdie putts. This is part of Mark’s Spain golf holiday thanks to the YourGolfTravel team. The Mar Menor golf course offers some great fun well designed golf holes for all level of golfers. Enjoy your golf for the best scores possible, learn how to have more fun on the golf course with Mark Crossfield’s easy to understand and follow golf videos.

46 thoughts on “Mar Menor Golf Resort 3 Hole Golf Game

  1. Great vid, really good fun as 'par' usual! The Buzzman's really suffering with a bout of under-clubbing sickness out there on his 2nd's … think he's still not mentally got over the loss of his beloved Titleist headcover … somebody send it back !!!!!

  2. I think these videos are great. To me, the ones where approach shot options are discussed are very insightful. I do also like the recent instruction videos with Lockey magic against Crossfield standard (bunker shot and tough chip).

    It is not just Mark's putting that is better in Spain than it was in Portugal. He also took more outfits with him. They differ between Mar Menor morning and afternoon! So changing outfits regularly clearly helps your putting.

  3. I remember when I and my father played this course first time my dad hit a pullhook to the apartments and I hit big slice to the roofs of apartments xD it was really funny!

  4. 5 net 6…excellent!!!!!…seems like the "other Rory" had a bit of trouble with the switch to Nike as well…sorry couldn't resist!!! Thanks Mark love the videos!!!

  5. Rory made his first mistake by hitting that junk Covert!!! Just kidding, just kidding calm down. It was his second mistake. The first was those pants. lol Just playing Rory.

  6. Mark, I'm no guru but I can tell you that you missed that last putt right because you were watching it. Finish the stroke and then look. Play it back and you'll see.

  7. Love these videos so much, they're hilarious. Do you think you could do more camera angles of right behind the player hitting the shot? I just love watching how the ball flies when good players hit it, rather than see it fly off to the right/bobble out in front as happens when I hit it. Thanks!

  8. great video again guys. don't think I've laughed as much at a golf vid before and no not at the water sports but at marks laugh! sounds like a pantomime villain, somewhat guttural…almost gollum-esque at the end there. priceless. lovin the vlogs.

  9. Rory. What make are your shoes? Since I can find my adizero's in sports direct (aaaaaarrrgh) I'm looking for some new ones. They are pretty snazzy!

  10. What job titles do these guys have with golf travel, would be interesting to know if you could introduce that in your next video

  11. Fantastic! So much more fun than watching golf tournaments here (in the US). Also great for a beginner like me to see which clubs to choose. 

  12. Hello Mark, very entertaining as usual. I got an unrelated suggestion to this video. I notice you have created playlist for each of golf course. That is such an awesome idea. However, I have noticed most of the playlist is back to front, as in part 3 plays first before part 1. It will be even greater if you could fix that up.

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