Mar Menor Golf Course

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Mar Menor Golf Course with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza and YourGolfTravel. This is a 4 ball 4 hole golf challenge around the Mar Menor golf resort in Spain. With some stunning golf holes around the water on the back nine the Mar Menor golf resort offers great golf with warm weather and fast greens. Watch the guys hitting drivers, irons into greens and Mark Crossfield the par machine making some birdies. Play your best golf with fun and easy to follow golf instructions, tips, drills, lessons and course vlogs.

26 thoughts on “Mar Menor Golf Course

  1. Mark all these golfing holidays and you're in danger of finding some form! @Buzza Golf , playing well considering how hungover you're looking!

  2. Mark, are these new Nike shoes? I really like them, but even more the US version (clayton). Are they good? Do you think they would be good in the rain?

  3. Mark, you should consider having a monthly x hole challenge and invite one of your subs. Wouldn't do me any good because I live in the states, but it would be fun to watch. For time and interest sakes keep the invited handy at no more than 10. Of course keep Matt L, Rory and Oliver in there too. Fun watching you guys. You are helping a golf nut get through the winter.

  4. Hi mark love the vids keep up great stuff

    Could you help please am after a head for a ping anser driver any ideas

    Cheers Peter

  5. When playing an approach shot from a fairway bunker it`s best to take the extra club
    to be sure of reaching the green if you take any sand with your shot your sure to lose distance. New to your video`s love the banter with your mates.

  6. Mark you're the man – ever played Amelia Island Florida? I hear Big Break is down there for the new season. Would love to hear your review.

    Keep posting these videos, love them!

  7. Is there more room for error with Matt's technique?   I've seen Stan Utley's videos on the short game and find Matt's techniques similar – and these techniques seem to work best for me vs traditional short game techniques.  

  8. Another great vid Mark. The video shot of your putt on the 1st hole was really nice, with the dew, great quality footage.

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